10 Stunning Escapes for 2017

10 Stunning Escapes for 2017

10 Stunning Escapes For 2017

Look at the calendar for a second. Did you notice we are already seven months down in 2017! Don?t fret, we at Travel Trikon are here to help you make the most out of the last five months.? Months transform into years and years into decades and as they say,?Travel, till you can!? While taking some rest heals the body while travelling heals the soul!? Here is your chance to live the life you want to. Take time out of the busy schedule and don?t miss this opportunity. Travel Trikon helps you to indulge in a unique experience along with mind-blowing destinations which satisfy all your travel fantasies. Check out how you can spend the rest of 2017. Make it count!

Pondicherry ? The French Ville

About Pondicherry

Pondicherry aka mini France, where you can still witness some the colonial architecture. Everything is French, even the road signs! Many people here can speak fluent French and many restaurants serve steak and wine even today!?Travel Trikontakes you to a destination which is all about enjoying the scenic view, indulging into water sports and witnessing the blend of two absolutely different cultures. Dive into Pondicherry, find yourself, enjoy the cuisine or just witness the enchanting sunset at a beach.

Chhattisgarh ??Cultural Saga

About Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is a spectacular destination which offers a treat to all the nature lovers, photographers, and travels who desire a package of mind-blowing beauty, authentic food, and a unique tradition! Chhattisgarh has unique places which will be added to your bucket list as soon as you know more about them! Chitrakoot in Chhattisgarh has one of the densest forest area in India ? Kanger National Valley Park. Imagine yourself away from the city and admiring every bit of the forest!? Did you know? Chitrakoot is referred to as India?s Niagara Falls. We at?Travel?Trikon?invite you to explore the hidden jewel of India.

Bhutan ? Land of Happiness

About Bhutan

Bhutan is bold. It embraces its heritage and culture and is proud of it. It is not influenced by any other country and is bold enough to boast its cultural heritage! Bhutan is one the most alluring countries in the world. ?The land of the Thunder Dragon??hosts many visitors due to its picturesque landscapes, interesting culture and history and yes Buddhism of course! Bhutan has many ancient temples, lush valleys, sacred mountains fortresses, and monasteries. Bhutan is also popular amongst trekkers as it is the ideal place for trekking. Located between China and India, it is the most remote and isolated destination in the lap of the Himalayas.?Travel Trikon?takes you to this unique destination which preserves its traditions and culture with utmost care.?Travel Trikon?welcomes you to explore the hidden treasure in the Himalayas ? Bhutan. Tashi Dalek!

Hampi ? Stone mysteries

About Hampi

Situated on the banks of River Tungabhadra, Hampi is a remarkable tourist destination where travellers all around the globe come to soak in the relaxed culture and listen to all the mysterious kathas from history. Solitude lovers and photography enthusiasts would love to stroll around more than 20 ancient heritages and hill tops where sunset never looks the same. Beautifully preserved and maintained by Archaeological Survey of India, a Tour to Hampi amidst the muddy roads and paddy rice fields will sooth your senses and take you back in time.

Khajuraho ? Kamasutra Flourishes

About Khajuraho

A land where architecture blushes!?Hindustan ka Dil!! Yes, it?s time to unveil the most interesting and intriguing destination of Madhya Pradesh. Right from beautiful Apsaras to the Brave warriors that chose to pose sensually and surrender themselves to Moksha by presenting erotic Kamasutra positions at Khajuraho. Unarguably, Khajuraho is the temple of Love, Vaasna, and Moksha. Being UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho Group of Temples will leave you spellbound and hypnotized by depicting a liberal form of art in those huge sculptures and temples. The famous sandstone sculptures are truly exquisite; you?ll be awe-struck the moment you see them. These temples illustrate the brilliant burst of artistic flowering that took place under the Chandela rulers Travel Trikon helps you to explore more than 25 temples in the Western, Eastern and Southern Group making maximum utilization of time for photography and absorbance of culture.

Kerala ? God?s Own Country? ?

About Kerala

In god?s own country!?Imagine that you are surrounded by shores, in an enchanting boat house, away from the city into the arms of Mother Nature! Your eyes embrace the green shores and your soul wanders freely as you dip your feet into the cool backwaters. Sounds tempting, isn?t it? Kerala is a melange of a hill station, wildlife, backwaters and houseboat cruise.

Travel Trikon?welcomes you to the colourful land of Kerala where colours speak. The green landscapes cool your mind, the brown soil which connects us all together, the sunset and the sunrise which paints Kerala into a unique shade of golden yellow and of course the calm blue water which symbolizes serenity! Truly Kaleidoscopic Kerala!

Karnataka Coastal Tour ? Where peace meets sanctity

About Karnataka Coastal Tour

At the coastal Arabian Sea, a tall and gigantic Shiva Statue is a divine sight to witness. Explore the temple, as it?s quite huge and it depicts many mythological stories. You can also stroll around the Murudeshwara Beach for Sunset view; it?s quite pristine and clean. Beaches like Om Beach It are not just the shape that defines OM, but also the peace and serenity that one feels after landing there. Soothing waves and long shoreline tend to captivate your senses. Built during the ancient century, the Gokarna temple is pious and divine in true sense. Also, Jog Waterfalls is proudly owns the title of India?s second highest plunge. Karnataka has a lot to offer, giving you a lifetime experience.

Gandikota ? India?s Grand Canyon

About Gandikota

Situated at Telangana, Gandikota is termed as the Grand Canyon of India. It is no less breathtaking as compared to the Grand Canyon in USA, and it goes one scale up if you were to imagine the backdrop holding a sprawling lush green backdrop surrounded by huge Rocky Mountains and beneath flows the Pennar River. Sit on the rock and capture the panoramic view as it?s an epic Geographical creation that will force you to give an awestruck view. Exploring the Belum caves is a bonus!

Belgaum Waterfalls and Camping ? Be the jungle king

About Belgaum Waterfalls and Camping

A scenic land embraced by nature, mouth-watering delicacies at a charming price!? We are talking about none other than Karnataka! The major attraction here is the Mysore palace, national parks and of course the Gadbad Ice-cream! Travel Trikon has a different plan to offer you. We take you beyond the popular places in Karnataka and give you a glimpse of heaven. Let us describe its beauty in a unique way! We at Travel Trikon take you to beyond the usual. We introduce to you a Karnataka you have never seen before. Bordered by Maharashtra Belgaum district in Karnataka is all you need if you are looking for a full-on adventure! Belgaum has lot to offer and a lot to explore such as the mesmerizing Kalsa-Sural Waterfalls which will leave you awe-struck, Vajrapoha River Trail, exploring the underground volcanic caves, camping under the stars and much more! We unveil this spectacular destination in its pure form exclusively for you. You will be spell bound by its beauty and will surely thank us later!

Andaman ? Blue waters calling

About Andaman

Welcome to the land of the shores! We all love exploring different and unique places, which gives a lot to explore and many happy memories. Andaman is one such destination, where one can witness far-flung blue coastlines, adventure, and peace and yes lots of briny water. With numerous beaches and breath-taking sunsets this destination will fulfil all your holiday cravings! Journey in a speed boat, exploring the mangroves creeks, forests which are home to many elephants, a trek and much more. With a mixture of adventure and serenity, this is just the right place to spend your Chuttis! Spare some space in your bag to take a lot of happy memories back home!

Excited for your Big Chutti Plans? Don?t give it a second thought because time waits for none. Indulge into this exhilarating journey with?Travel Trikon?and make the most of it!! See you there!

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