5 Must Do Monsoon Treks

5 Must Do Monsoon Treks



Monsoon?is not only about rains but it is about gliding through your memories.?Monsoon?is about sipping hot tea while feeling the rain on your palms through the window. ?Monsoon?is about dancing in the rain without any hesitation! We at?Travel Trikon?know that for you,?Monsoon?is not only a season but it is a?feeling!?Travel Trikon?buddies are calling all the?monsoon?lovers to celebrate the arrival of the?monsoon?season together and to add one more happy memory in your box of?monsoon?memories. We help you to?beat the heat?with the?top 5 Monsoon Treks?which will quench every?monsoon?lover?s thirst!


RAJMACHI ? Takes you back in the 17th?Century!

LOCATION?? Lonavala

HEIGHT??2710 feet above the sea level



The?Rajmachi?fort is located near Lonavala.? As we all know that Lonavala is best known to be visited during the winters,?Rajmachi?fort adds one more reason to visit this popular destination. ?This a very famous destination for trekkers and beginners. There are two routes to reach this fort, one from Lonavala and the other from Karjat?near Mumbai. This fort was established by Shivaji Maharaj back in the 17th century! ?There 2 caves at the fort which provide an accommodation for around 40 people if you are planning for an overnight trek. The major attractions here are Shirvardhan, Manaranjan (The twin forts), Huge caves on the fort to explore and the old temples. If you are planning for a?monsoon?trek, then this is one of the best trek places for you to choose.


KALSUBAI TREK ? The Highest Peak in Maharashtra!

LOCATION?? Igatpuri Taluka

HEIGHT?? 5400 feet above the sea level.

DIFFICULTLY LEVEL?? Medium to hard


Have you heard about the all in one package??Kalsubai?is one of these packages!? It not only gives a thrilling feeling to the trekkers, but also gives a picturesque view of lush green valley, a view of the spectacular waterfalls and of course the breath-taking top view!?Kalsubai?is also a part of kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Reaching to the top, you can visit the kalsubai temple.? Harishchandragad, Ahivant, Saptashrungigad, Markindya, Dhodap, etc. can be spotted from the Kalsubai Peak.?Travel Trikon?welcomes you to visit this beautiful?monsoon?destination which is also the highest peak in Maharashtra!


RATANGAD TREK ? A 2000 YEARS Old Heritage.

LOCATION? Igatpuri

HEIGHT? 4255 feet above the sea level



Located in the beautiful jungle of the Western Ghats this mighty fort stands tall in?Ratangad. Ratangad has a natural rock peak with a cavity in it at the top which is called??Nedhe??or??Eye of the Needle.??Sculptures of Lord Ganesh and Hanuman can be seen on the main gate. The main attraction is the Amruteshwar temple. Ratangad desk itself up flowers in November and then with wild greenery during the?monsoons. The fort is the origin for the river Pravara. There are two main routes to reach the fort. There is a route from village Samrad and the other from village Ratanwadi. The trek route from?Ratanwadi?is the easy one as it passes through dense forest along the northern bank of the river. Iron ladders constructed by the forest department which makes the trek even easier. So get ready as?Travel?Trikon?takes you through an adventurous journey to Rantanghadh!


ANDHARBAN ? The Dense Forest!


HEIGHT?? 2100 feet above the sea level



In the arms of the sahyadris,?Andharban?attracts many trek lovers. The best time to visit this beauty is during the?monsoon?season. It takes around 6-7 hours to reach the top but don?t worry it is all worth it! There are two routes to choose from. Lonavala to Bhaburde village by ST bus [40 kilometers] Bhaburde to Pimpri village t [13.6 kilometers]. The top view is all about the spectacular kundalika valley, breath-taking waterfalls and Bhira dam waters. That?s not all! This trek is famous for the various species of colour butterflies and elegant flowers. Imagine yourself surrounded by lush green shrubs with beautiful flowers and colourful butterflies!! Heaven on earth, isn?t it?


ANJANERI ? The Birth place of lord Hanuman


HEIGHT?? 4264 feet above the sea level.



Anjaneri?is known to be the birthplace of ?Lord Hanuman?and is named after Lords Hanuman?s mother ?Anjani?. A spiritual place indeed, but apart from it, it has a lot more to offer! 108 Jain caves are found here belonging to the 12th century. We bet this trek will surely give you a chance to explore a lot more! It is located between Nashik and Trimbakeshwar .The prime route to reach the?Anjaneri fort?is from the Anjaneri village. A duration of 1-2 hours is expected. The Anjani Mata temple is a must visit here. To add more there is also a Sita temple on the left. This place witnesses a huge number of people on Tuesdays and Saturdays.? Let?Travel?Trikon?take you to a destination which offers green landscapes and enormous mountain ranges, this place does not fail to give a fantastic top view!


These 5?monsoon?treks are the list of those 5 popular?monsoon?destination which is dream land for all the trekkers. Trekking is not only an accomplishment but it is about living freely without any fear and this is why you should visit these top 5?monsoon?trek destinations and beat the heat! Sit back and let?Travel?Trikon?bring out the child in you as you trek towards happiness!

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