5 Reasons Why Beach Trek Is A Perfect Weekend Plan

5 Reasons Why Beach Trek Is A Perfect Weekend Plan

It’s a typical workday and you’re sitting in office, staring at the screen. But weekends need not be the same. You could be lounging on a beach and enjoying the sunset while indulging into delicious treats. Now didn’t that thought make you smile? Imagine the fun when you live it for real. But how can a Beach Trek help, you ask. Read on.

The Beach!

Well, obviously, the beach is the best part of the Beach Trek. But if you think of beaches as crowded places and noise all around, erase that image immediately. Because we are taking you to pristine and tranquil locations, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Endless stretches of clean white sand under a steel-blue Arabian Sea. Close your eyes for a minute and let that image sink in. Nirvana, isn’t it? Yes, there is a beach by that name and feels like it too!

The Trail!

What is unique about the Beach Trek trail is the constant view of the sea on one side. Views from hill-tops are breathtaking as you can trace the beautiful outline of the waves. When you see the shape of an Om that’s exactly where you’ll be! Om Beach. The Beach Trek trail goes up and down the hills and colorful rocks without losing sight of the sea.

The Places!

We will cover 10-12 beaches at a stretch starting from Kumta and ending at Gokarna which is famous for the Mahabaleshwara temple. We will hike through a number of beaches, each offering a unique view of the coast. We will spend the night at Kudle, in a camp set up by the waves. You can sleep in tents or slip into a sleeping bag out in the open and gaze into space all night.

The Food!

While seafood lovers can enjoy local varieties of fish, our vegetarian friends won’t be disappointed either as veggies are cooked in local flavours and served in unlimited thali. Eat your fill and charge up for fun and adventure along the way.

The Bonfire!

Camping is when you forget about all of the days tiring walk and burst into your signature moves as your favourite music plays in the backdrop. There will be singing, games and spooky story telling sessions too. Waking up to a sunrise by the waves is the best thing that can ever happen on a weekend!




Songs, food, bonfire and a little adventure are the key ingredients of a perfect weekend. And the Kumta to Gokarna Beach Trek by T Trikon has all of them stored just for you. So get ready and plan that exciting weekend now!

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