5 Ways to Beat Motion Sickness

5 Ways to Beat Motion Sickness

Who wouldn’t love a road trip? Cruising past mountains, rivers, woods and sleepy towns. A pleasant weather (and pothole-free highways) is all you need. Yet, there will be some who cringe at the idea of traveling by road, especially if it has anything to do with narrow, winding routes on hills. I was one of them, thanks to a serious case of Motion Sickness since childhood.

Not long ago, I used to pick travel destinations based on the amount of road transit involved. But nature won me over eventually and I couldn’t help undertaking day-long road trips to explore the mighty Himalayas. I was determined not to let my condition destroy my trips. So, I devised a strategy to beat Motion Sickness and I am happy to share that I am no longer a sufferer!

  1. Make lemon your travel partner

I used to depend a lot on anti-nausea pills. Pop one on an empty stomach on the day of your journey and enjoy. But relying too much on meds isn’t advisable, especially, if your plan comprised back to back road transits. You can’t be eating those pills everyday. Instead, just keep one fresh lemon in your handbag. Sniff on it whenever you feel queasy. Lemons are refreshing and help fight nausea effectively. Alternatively, you can also use lemongrass spray on your scarf or hanky to carry. Ginger is also effective if taken before the journey.

  1. Milk-based drinks are a big NO

Do not drink milk or milk-based beverages like tea, coffee, shakes before a road trip. Milk is heavier to digest and will definitely make its way out on the slightest of provocation. Avoid soda-based drinks as well. Instead, prefer citrus juices. Eat something cooler and lighter.

  1. Sleeping May Not Be An Option

Unless you are absolutely sure of a comfortable ride that will pull you into deep sleep in a wink, do not try to doze off on a ride. It is most likely, be it in a car or bus, that sharp turns and jerks in hilly areas will keep knocking your head sideways like a pendulum. You will be drowsy but not asleep. Next stop-headache! Instead, try tuning in to peppy music, sing along or at least hum if you are traveling alone and don’t want to draw attention. If you are traveling with a group, play Antakshari! Or better still, engage in never-ending games of Mafia. No excuses there!

  1. Not A Good Time To Read Either

While your eyes are fixated on the book, everything appears still or stationery but with sharp turns or speed beakers, you get a sense of movement which creates a conflict in your brain triggering motion sickness. Its better to look out the window like a toddler and appreciate the outdoors than to sink into your novel or type on your phone. Concentrating on long-distanced objects over the horizon that don’t appear to be moving much like a huge mountain in the background or the sky above can have a calming effect as your senses regain their bearing on the speed. Open the window and let the breeze hit your face!

  1. Boost Your Will Power

These are just some tricks to help you in the process but your will power is the most important tool in combating motion sickness. Don’t focus on the obstacles, just think about the good things. You have been looking forward for this trip since ages! Don’t let anything ruin that. Be happy, be optimistic and everything will turn out just fine.

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