Are you yet to take up the Waterfall Rappelling Challenge?

Are you yet to take up the Waterfall Rappelling Challenge?

We all have feared at some point in our life. Some have fear of heights while some fear the depths of the sea. Do you know what prepares you to fight against that fearful feeling in your body? The Adrenaline hormone. Thanks to this hormone your body prepares you for a fight or flight response. Why not choose the fight response and live your dreams? Have you ever thought going beyond this fear? Living freely and follow your passion? Why not give it a try? Haven?t you heard about??Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai???Frightening is a normal state but do not cage yourself into your fear. It is time to defeat it. Water rappelling is one such adventurous sport that will surely secret some adrenaline hormones. So if you are ready to challenge yourself, this is the right one for you!

Water rappelling is a sport in which you descend down from the cliff of a waterfall with a help of a rope and an anchor to protect yourself from falling. So wake the Tarzan in you and have a hold of his rope and let go of your fear. Monsoon is the prime time to undertake this adventure and soon will it arrive. So start thinking now! You have got almost a month to make up your mind to face your fear or run away throughout your life!

If you are thinking about it then tell us to allow to acknowledge you with a place near Mumbai which is famous for waterfall rappelling. Bhivpuri is one of the top places known for waterfall rappelling and here is the reason why!

Bekare? Falls
Bekare Falls

The major attraction in Karjat is the Bhivpuri waterfall which makes it picture perfect in monsoons. This delightful waterfall witness water rappelling every year. Bhivpur a small town located in Karjat Taluka, famous for its waterfalls, is a preferred destination for weekends during the rainy season. This paradise is just 93 km away from Mumbai. Enjoying the thrill of water rappelling is a lifetime memory.

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Ganpati Gadad

This pristine destination is yet to be explored by many adventurists around Maharashtra. There are caves to explore and an easy level hike to the point for waterfall rappelling with experts who are technically sound enough to help you abseil with the help of ropes and carabiners.

So now if you have read this blog it time to complete the waterfall challenge and once you have completed it you have to select few beliefs and challenge them! Try waterfall rappelling with Travel Trikon in and around Maharashtra for super fun. Do you have the guts? If yes then get packing! It?s time to fight your fear.

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