Breaking 12 Foodie Myths for Travelers

Breaking 12 Foodie Myths for Travelers

Well, we all know the fact that travelling is all about exploring new destinations, outliving ourselves and bonding with our fellow travelers but wait is that all about travelling? Stop and think for a while, you are missing out on a big aspect which is food! Yes, food served during your trip plays an equally crucial role in making the trip a yayieee or a Nay!

Some of us actually research a lot before reaching the destination, like how I remember jotting down the famous chai wala from Bundi, Ema Datshi from Bhutan, Daal bati at Chittorgarh and yummiest mutton at Bhopal this list is never ending. But, is it every time this awesome? I remember having basic food while doing my first Himalayan Trek and having Maggie/Momos in Ladakh. What should be expected and at what destination is big issue to be addressed isn’t it? Like we can’t get a hot bun pizza at Sahyadri mountain tops and we won’t limit you’ll to veggie delights at a coastal beach trek where fish is a must! At Trikon, we always try and serve the best possible food options as per the availability and feasibility.

  1. Understand the seasonality

You would love to have the brown-gur (Jaggery) Sandesh or Rasgulla for your next trip to Kolkata but wait did you know you get that only during winter. Fact check alert! Not everything is available every time at the destination always research and ask your lead for the inputs before those yums and slurps.

  1. Sea Food Lovers

So, to break it down fishes are usually fetched from sea or lakes. Fresh water fishes are easily available at Kerala backwaters and sea fishes are a true delight at Goa or Konkani coast. Not every fish taste great and each fish is cooked, steamed and fried in a particular manner. Be ready to try a new fish probably that was the catch the fishermen could make during that time of the day.

  1. Tibetan Influenced Destinations

We Indians are born to love spicy food, however at Ladakh, Bhutan, Nepal or Spiti you may not be able to find the usual Chicken Tandoori or Paneer Matar quite often. At, home stays the host usually prepares whatever is cultivated easily. At high altitudes, fetching poultry, fishes and other delectables could be an issue. Hence, feel satiated with the light, simple and delicious Thukpa, Momos, Noodles and Maggie. Our trips to Ladakh had been an amazing one as we were lucky enough to have tasty food for dinner.

  1. Goa beyond Booze, Punjab beyond Chicken

Stop stereotyping destinations! Goa has much more to do other than club parties and drinks, try the Portuguese meals or hop into a small restaurant at Panjim for lip-smacking fishes. Though Punjabis are fond of non vegetarian food, but do not forget it’s equally famous for its milk products like lassi, garam dudh and Paneer. Your trip to Punjab is incomplete without this.

  1. Poha Breakfast: 404 Error

We understand it might get monotonous to trek every week and get the same thing served for breakfast, but let me shed some light here. Poha is a good source of carbohydrates and iron, rich in fiber, a good source of antioxidants and essential vitamins and is gluten free. It is known to be good for those who have diabetes, skin and heart problems. This shows it’s a universal food that can keep you full and satiate your taste buds too, just add a bit of coconut grates, masala sev and lemon to make it even tastier. Trust us, the villagers find it easy, convenient and quick to make Poha for a big crowd. When we are there, let’s be like one who stays there with the minimal. You can always carry boiled egg or bread butter for supplementary option

  1. Respect the local culture

Often while travelling I come across phrases like connect with locals, well literally that means acceptance. Connecting just doesn’t mean getting chatty, it’s all about how you indulge in their culture, respect what they wear and taste what they cook and enjoy it to the core. I still remember the tasteless thukpa that I had at Darjeeling, but the way it was served is still a joy.

  1. Ambience calling Ambience!

Not every decked up café serves amazing food, not every road side dhaba prepared low-quality food. At, Hampi how we eat besides the lake or near the heritage it’s a total bliss it’s way better than what the café serves there. Not to forget the Dhaba hopping at Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, they serve food quickly and it’s dammm tasty.

  1. Eat Local! Eat Light!

We love feeding our participants to the core, because we don’t want you to miss the affection that you receive at home, however make sure you eat light while travelling its always safe; you can stay away from indigestion and diarrhea if any particular food doesn’t suit you. Eat what the locals suggest or cook, that’s best for the stomach trust me.

  1. Allergy Alert!

Always tell your trip lead if you have any food preference or if you are allergic to any particular cuisine or veggie.  We can be more cautious and keep a tight check on what’s being served to you.

  1. Keep handy!

Always keep energy drinks, fruits, dry snacks and sugar candies handy while travelling you never know when you would need it the most.

  1. Junk and Oily Food – Tongue Tickling already?

We know you love eating all the fried stuff, however if possible keep it for the last day so that if things don’t work well you can treat it at home and not suffer during the trip and make it even worse.

  1. Himalayan Treks – Where basis are rare

At a high altitude, please be prepared to eat wholesome yet nutritious food. Sorry KFC and McD are yet to explore their market up there, till then you can enjoy having soup, Maggie and hot Bournvita that’s been served there.


What’s the next foodie-funda with Trikon?


Well, we have planned for Popti Feast on 9th Feb 2019. This feast is very popular during the harvest period. It is prepared by adding all the possible spices, Vaal – beans, chicken or veggies in an earthen pot and then cooked on a chulha for deep cooking in authentic style. We at T Trikon aim at delivering unique experiences, so here’s one which you definitely need to give a try.

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Fruit Festivals

Delicious and mouth watering fruits are a treat during late winters and early summers. Stay tuned for our Mango and Watermelon festivals.

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Hope this read sounds interesting, if it does to share it with your foodie friends and enlighten them on some foodie gyan! Drop comments on how did you like the food served on our trips we are happy to hear!

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