Coronavirus and how is it impacting T Trikon Events?

Coronavirus and how is it impacting T Trikon Events?

As of now, 74 infected cases (17 Indians) have been detected in India. In fact, 3 people in India-Kerala have successfully recovered from Coronavirus as per Ministry of health. The Health Department is asking everyone not to panic and follow hygiene restrictions to stay safe. The Indian Government has already appointed strict medical screening at airports, stations and border permit offices. However, we have not got any circular from the Government to stop the regular domestic trips. We can conduct it with proper guidance and precautions for the trekkers/campers and travellers. Therefore, there is no need to cancel any of your local trek and domestic tour plans.

T Trikon today stands as one of the fastest growing adventure & Tour Company in Mumbai, the brand also operates significantly from Pune and Banglore. With a wide customer base of over one lakh travellers within the nation, today the brand makes official announcements on its upcoming tours and treks in and around Mumbai during Coronavirus pandemic.

While our core team members and the founder himself has been keeping a close eye on the news and the progressive growth in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country, it feels safe to see that today India is not even on the list of top 25 lists of countries which is affected the most as per  Keeping this in mind we have already stopped the bookings for international events.

However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to be careful enough but we surely need not panic. As of now there is no official announcement to cancel tours or treks up in the Himalayas, north east regions or the local Sahyadris. Yes, a few forest officials have taken up some steps to curb group gathering keeping in mind the obvious nature of the virus but should we really stop trekking, travelling, hold or cancel our travel plans is a question.

Should you cancel the trek/tour or make a new trek plan?
You should not opt for a trek or tour if you fit in any of the below cases

  • Travelled to India from any of the Coronavirus affected countries
  • Have cough, fever and cold (Get yourself checked before signing up)
  • Do not join the trek if you are unwell

As of now there is no such case up in the Himalayas or far in the deep eastern territory
Such places are scarcely populated and the invasion of foreign tourists is being eyed upon by the airport authorities. Yes, most of us travelling may have to undergo a few checks, which is extremely great to ensure everyone around remains safe. But, that’s a prevention measure and nothing to be worried about. Our locals in Uttarakhand, Meghalaya and Himachal have confirmed the same. Bhutan as a country isn’t stopping tourist but undertaking preliminary health check-ups.

Sahyadris Still Remain Unaffected
If you too concerned about going way to far from your home why not be in the lap of Sahyadris! Trikon isn’t very keen in allowing participants from foreign origin; hence with our local guides up there in the Maharashtra ranges are all set to conduct treks and camping without any hesitation. Travel mode remains private buses or local train which is anyways the lifeline of our city.

Our Teams will take a medical certificate for long tours
For long tours and Himalayan treks we will be asking for a fitness certificate to ensure anyone with cough and cold symptom is not allowed to join events.

Our buses will have hand sanitizer and camps will have hand wash to maintain hygiene
We will try and arrange for warm water for cleaning utensils for trekkers and campers in the Sahyadris and Karnataka tours too.

Checking participants History if they have travelled internationally in the past one month
Foreign tourists and any participant who has been to the most affected countries like China, Nepal, Iran etc is not being allowed to do T Trikon trips.

Till now the boat is sailing smooth
It’s been around a month that the World is worried about Coronavirus, however all our past treks and current events are happening from our end without any issues. We have been on an exploring spree through both our flight and train based events.

What about the masks and hand sanitizers?
Medical masks should not be used by healthy persons who are not having any symptoms because it create a false sense of security that can lead to neglecting other essential measures such as washing of hands. Further, there is no scientific evidence to show health benefit of using masks for non-sick persons in the community. In fact erroneous use of masks or continuous use of a disposable mask for longer than 6 hours or repeated use of same mask may actually increase risk of getting an infection. It also incurs unnecessary cost.

Some basic precautions to be taken while taking trips during the Coronavirus pandemic

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds in every 2 hour with a hand wash or alchohol based sanitizer. If hands are dirty do not use alcohol based hand sanitizer, but wash hands preferably with soap and
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing
  • See the doctor for minor cold and cough as well
  • Refrain from touching face, mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Stay at least a metre away from those coughing or sneezing.
  • Monitor your body temperature
  • Stay indoors if you feel unwell
  • Don’t panic!
  • Do not touch any unclean surfaces and avoid contacts as much as possible

We understand your worry and will share another update in late march if there’s any change in the situation or trips by Trikon. Your safety is of utmost important in T Trikon. We will keep you posted about any developments regarding Coronavirus on treks, camps. Himalayan tours and KARNATAKA EVENTS. We can always choose to fret, panic and take impulsive calls or rather choose to be observant, alert, ensure utmost hygiene and stay updated the choice is ours. All Trikon can promote is responsible and sustainable tourism.

With T Trikon we are always a step ahead when it comes to safety of our participants, fun and adventure can wait but your good health is of utmost important. However, till the time there is an official ban on conducting tours or the spread of epidemic reaches to our frequently conducted tour/trek/camp areas we won’t stop conducting events for our Trikoners!

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