Monsoon Special Kids-Friendly Trips!

Monsoon Special Kids-Friendly Trips!

Season of rains is a celebration of nature! Kids love these days to the core. They enjoy every single time they get to drench in this seasonal festivity. How about taking your kids to the best places to visit this monsoon & let them have a gala time?

Here are some of the must-visit places in the monsoon that have plenty of interesting things for your kids.

1. LonavalaVisapur fort, staircase waterfall
No matter how cliche is this place for adults, for kids, it would still turn into a fresh & joyous experience. Places like Lonavala Lake, Tungarli Lake, and Bushi Dam will help them see the vibrant green shade card that nature offers in monsoon. And anyway, kids love to play in the water, so any waterfalls that come across your way to Lonavala is a treasure spot for them!

Nostalgic enough, right? Make sure you also drop by at Ryewood Park, a botanical garden with your kids, it would a great educational tour.

To the kids who are crazy for history, Bedse & Karla Caves are the spots to view for sure.  Those, the adventurous ones can have time of their life trekking at Visapur Fort, an adrenaline rush of memory they would always want to keep close to their hearts.

2. Malshej Ghat

Malshej GhatThis place is heaven! A green abode of various specious of flora and fauna that you probably must have heard off, seen or visited. It’s time show this natures breathtaking abundance to your kids. Let them get a dream like the feeling of entering a place covered with clouds up above & some beneath as well. The more they trail ahead, the beauty lushed in different colors unveil.

What a scene it would be for them to see? Something they will never ever forget throughout their lives. The visuals of picturesque flower gardens, the waterfalls, the lake, birds chirping all around are going to stay with them for long. Your kids deserve this mesmerizing outing.

3. Matheran

One Tree Hill Point MatheranWhat we all love about Matheran is the Mini Train that goes all up amidst mountains. It’s damn exciting. It would be more exciting to share this experience with your kids. Show them the glorious Sun at the Sunset Point. Let them capture this fulfilling moment.

Next spot to view nature’s perfection in 360 degrees is the Panorama Point followed by stupendous One Tree Hill Point, King George Point, Khandala Point, Little Chowk Point, Rambaug Point, Alexander Point, etc. Not only these points reflect nature’s beauty but also hold the significance of their own.

And, Echo Point is something you can’t skip! Kids would happily scream their names out & rejoice each time them they hear an echo of it. What a joy!

4. Panchgani

Mapro garden MahabaleshwarApart from the land of serene views, take your kids on a fun visit to Strawberry Farm to have a look at fresh fruits. Al Mapro Food Garden would be the next best spot to show them the
amazing world of product making in a factory. They will like it to the core!

If your kids like everything artsy, Devari Art Village is the next destination to put up in your list.
The local art will not only add up to their knowledge but also develop fondness towards it. End the trip with a boat ride & a beautiful sunset.

So, don’t waste much time & make a weekend plan now. Such mini-vacations are a must!

Check out our list of monsoon treks from Mumbai and make your child mesmerised with the beauty of nature.

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