Plan Your Getaways By Making The Most Of Long Weekends In 2020!

Plan Your Getaways By Making The Most Of Long Weekends In 2020!

Fulfill your travel bucket list by making the most of long weekends in 2020!

Yey…we are already into 2020, the most anticipated year of the decade! The new yearly feeling will start to sink-in slowly and we believe you must have got your hands on the calendar yet.  As with all the office-goers, you too with due anticipation must have checked the number of holidays falling this year. If not, then don’t worry because here we are, giving you the lowdown of the holidays that are coming up in 2020. Plan your holiday getaway by clubbing these holidays with the weekend or with your paid/casual leaves to break away from the routine and return refreshed and rejuvenated.

  1. Maha Shivratri Weekend (21-23rd February)

Get ready to plan your first weekend getaway of the year. Maha Shivaratri, which falls on 21st February, is a Friday that makes it perfect to plan small weekend trip with your family or friends. How about taking that much-awaited trek to Pratapgad or a trip to Lonavala?

  1. Holi (7-10 March)

After taking that short break in February, gear up for yet another trip in March as Holi falls on 10th March, i.e. Tuesday! Use your paid leave or a casual leave on Monday to get 4 days off from the mundane. Why not check our 3-4 days trip travel itineraries to make the most of these holidays!

  1. Ram Navmi, Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday (2nd -12th April)

Now this is an absolute bliss! All you grumbled and tired souls can use these holidays to get your mind and soul in form again! Ram Navmi falls on 2nd April, which is a Thursday, and Mahavir Jayanti on 6th April i.e. Monday. If you can take a leave on 3rd April (Friday), you will have whole 5 days. And if you wish to go on a long vacation, then you might consider leaves on 7th, 8th and 9th April as there’s yet another holiday coming on 10th April on the occasion of Good Friday.

  1. Buddha Purnima ( 7th – 10th May)

Buddha Purnima falls on 7thMay, i.e. Thursday. You can take a leave on Friday 8th to make it a long weekend. Schools will have vacation by now so this makes a great opportunity for families to plan a mini holiday to a hill station near you.

  1. Eid-ul-Fitar (23th-25th May)

May is indeed a perfect time to go to a hill station, trek or go para gliding. Ramzan Id is on 25th May, and 24th and 25th are Saturday and Sunday respectively so you can plan an escapade to Goa, Ganpatipule, or a trek to destinations in Western Ghats.

  1. Eid-ul-Adah (31st July-2nd August)

After May, you will have to wait for August to plan the subsequent trip in your bucket list. Bakr Id falls on 31st July, which you can club with weekend holidays to plan a quick getaway.

  1. Janamashtmi (12-16th August)

Janmashtmi falls on 12th August i.e. Wednesday, if you can take off on 13th and 14th August, you will have a 5-day long weekend. Taking a trek, or exploring the ghats during monsoon is a different experience altogether. If you could not plan a tour in previous months, consider taking holidays here for that romantic getaway or a trip with the family.

  1. Gandhi Jayanti ( 2nd – 4th October)

Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October is a Friday, you have three days in hand to plan an exciting excursion.

  1. Id-e-Milad ( 29thOct– 1st Nov)

Get ready to enjoy a 4-day long weekend! Id-e-Milad falls on 29th November, take a leave on 30th November and you are set to plan a refreshing weekend. November is the time when weather is pleasant and you can venture out to enjoy the campfire, trek, and wild life safaris.

  1. Guru Nanak Jayanti ( 28th – 30th Nov)

28th November is Guru Nanak Jayanti, 29th and 30th are Saturday and Sunday. Time to set out on a fulfilling trip with your buddies or the family.

  1. Christmas ( 25 – 27th December)

December is rightly called as the happy month as holiday feelings grasp us all and there’s something magical in air too. Set out on winter holidays to a place that has been on your list since long. Utilize your paid leaves of the year and ring in the New Year while holidaying at the desired destination!

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