Safety Measures While Trekking in Monsoon

Safety Measures While Trekking in Monsoon

Don’t you love the idea of trekking in the rainy season? The cool breeze, lush green hills, gushing waterfalls and the sun playing hide-n-seek with clouds. Often, we get carried away with the natural beauty and tend to overlook our own safety. Keep these points in mind so that your next adventure is all about fun!

  • The Muck

    trekking shoes in monsoonYes, if not for this, rains would have been pure bliss. But it’s not, especially after you slip and fall on all fours. To avoid this, wear shoes with a good grip and don’t get tempted to run in the rain like they do in Bollywood movies. Other than loose soil, also avoid stepping on moss-covered stones. They are extremely slippery while stones under running water are not.


  • The Bag bag cover

    Everything is going to be wet but see that your extra pair of clothes, money, food, camera, phone etc doesn’t get damp. Just put them in separate polythenes while packing even if your bag is waterproof. This will protect them from your wet hands and also help you sort out the contents faster on the trek.


  • The Route Trekking guide

    Know where you are going. Hire a guide if possible. If not, talk to people at the base village to get a basic idea of your route to the top. With falling trees and flowing water, there are chances your trail got washed away too.


  • The Insects

    Insects while trekking in monsoonBe prepared to meet irritant bugs, mosquitoes or hungry leech as they thrive in this season. Keep repellents handy. To get rid of leech, use salt or spray deodorant. It works like magic!


  • The Note

    Always leave a note behind stating your location and likely time of return. Keep your family and friends informed. Weather can get tricky during monsoons and we all know how our mobile network connections are!


  • Photography photography during trekking in monsoon

    We understand you want to capture each and every bit of your monsoon trek, but do keep the time restrictions in mind. Do not stray away from the group while clicking pictures, always be with your group and take pictures whenever the leader announces photography break. Also, protect your camera as well as mobile phone while doing the same.


  • No edge Photography please photography precautions while trekking during monsoon

    You have seen number of trekkers clicking pictures at the top of a huge boulder and those images might have got 1000 of Likes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a safe thing to do. During monsoon there is lack of visibility and the mud is quite slippery, so do not click pictures at the edge of the mountain, its completely unsafe.


  • River Stream Gushes..

    Yeah, the moment you see a river stream you get simply get into the stream without knowing the depth and water flow. This could be risky, as you might flow away with the forceful water gushes and end up hurting yourself. Always consult your lead before getting into any lake, pond, water stream or river body.


  • Trekking isn’t a Marathon

    It’s not a race!! No medal rewards are given to first reachers. Enjoy every bit of your trek and always move with your Trikon buddies. Never leave your group behind and stay ahead of everyone. Be at a descent pace and help other trekkers to reach the end point.


  • Do not haste others

    You might be an avid trekker and can trek amazingly well through tough terrains, but not everybody is the same. So avoid pushing or hasting fellow trekkers, as they might slip and get injured. A recent incident at Harihar trek is a great learning, where a trekker lost balance while hastily descending and ended up fracturing her leg. Thanks to prompt decisions and co operation from local villagers who got her down safely.


  • Get insured

    Get an Adventure Insurance yourself so as to cover the possible risks that take place while undertaking adventure activities. After all, Precaution is better than cure.

Just these basic ideas will go a long way to keep you away from trouble or any nasty surprises on the trek.

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