Safety Tips for Women Traveling Solo

Safety Tips for Women Traveling Solo

While the talks of gender equality, women empowerment, empathy etc. may seem little archaic in this 21st century, the sad fact remains that women are still subjected to abuse, harassment and torture in this very so called contemporary society. We have so many cases of women being abducted and raped that sometimes it becomes difficult to understand why the intrinsic moral values of us being human is shattering (or does it even exists?).

On the wake of the recent incident of Hyderabad where a veterinarian was sexually assaulted and murdered, we feel women safety has become a grave issue. So, should this deter women from travelling solo, be it in India or around the world? No, not at all. However, the cliché is that we should always prioritize our safety well while travelling. In this blog, we have compiled some best safety tips shared by solo female travelers for traveling alone and having the best time of life.

  1. Research the destination well

It might be overwhelming to get to the destination that you longed to visit, researching the place well should be always on your priority list. This could mean checking the online reviews of the place, how people dress, any neighborhoods that you should avoid, availability of transportation, does the place gets lonely at night or any other things that you should be concerned about.

  1. Don’t carry valuables

Never carry huge cash with you, expensive jewelry, pricey laptops or any other valuable things while traveling. Try to pay for your lodging in advance before the trip. As for rest of trip, keep cash concealed at different places like underclothes, book covers, etc. As for most part of the travel, you can pay bills with credit cards. When travelling always carry a day bag in which you should keep all your wallet, important documents, medicines, camera, mobile phone etc. and make sure you don’t get it go out of the sight. Keep your clothes, shoes, toiletries and other stuff in a general backpack.

  1. Don’t trust anyone so easily

It’s a human nature to depend on someone who earns our trust. However, a word of caution here – some people know how to befriend tourists and con them. Steer away from people who seem friendly and offer you a good bargain on a ride or buy you a drink or asks you to follow them to show the place. Resist the pressure to do anything and don’t rush over things. It never hurts to be cautious and say “No”.

  1. Keep self-defense tools

Make a point to carry a pepper spray, a mace or a dagger, a torch and a safety alarm just in case.  You can even use a tactical pen or a keychain to stab your attacker and ward off any sexual assault or robbery. A tactical keychain is just like those good old brass knuckles with sharp spikes on the outside albeit they are lightweight. These are some of self-defense tools, which not just a solo traveler, but also everyday women should carry with them and be ready in case of any unforeseen situations.

  1. Choose a safe lodging

It’s a smart idea to book your lodgings way before your trip has started. However, in case, your flight lands in a different city due to rough weather conditions and it’s late at night, make sure to choose a hotel or a guesthouse that offers a pick-up from the airport. Avoid walking through the neighborhood at night.  Also, you should be prepared to pay more to lodge-up in a hotel that is located centrally rather than opting for a guesthouse situated in a far-flung, isolated area.

  1. Stay connected with your near ones

Keep in touch with your family members or friends to update them about your schedule. It will let them know that you are safe. It’s also a good idea to post pics while travelling on social media to let others know of your travel plans.

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