Top 10 Quirky Gifts to Gift Your Traveller Friend

Top 10 Quirky Gifts to Gift Your Traveller Friend

Chaddi-Buddies, Besties, Brother from another mother? You call them with ever name possible don’t you? Now, remember all your friends and just imagine what life would be without them Disaster right? We all have a friend who copies in exams, the Padhaku, the twin, the polar oppose, the helpful and also the irritating one! No matter what kind of friends do we have we love their company. kyuki Har Ek Friend Jaruri Hota Hai!

We also have one friend who loves to travel! They always tell you epic stories from their mind-blowing travel experiences and always encourage you to travel. If you have traveled due to their encouragement or may be any other reason if you want to choose the quirkiest gift for them then this is blog is all you need! T Trikon helps you with a list of Top 10 Quirky Gifts to Gift Your Traveler Friend.

  1. Life Straws – A gift of life

Gifting a life straw is like gifting health to your traveler friend. Life straw is a filter which filters water for drinking. It removes all the bacteria and parasite from the unclean water and makes it safe to drink. Now your friend can easily refill his bottle and always drink clean water. Life Straws are a life saver!

  1. A classic Anti Theft bag – May your souvenirs be safe!

Remember how they bring you souvenirs from different places they visit? A traveler’s bag is like a small home over his shoulders. Gift them an anti-Theft bag and help them secure their valuables. Anti-Theft bags comes with special features which protects the bag from thieves and burglars.

  1. Head Torch – Show them the right way!

A head torch is a very helpful element for the travelers which will help them to walk in the dark without any fear. It also has a red light setting which will avoids insects getting attracted to the light. If your friend loves adventure this is gift is for him!

  1. Travel Journal – Gift them Memories!

Travelers love capturing their moments in a video or photos but sometimes reading a self-written 10 year old travel memory is more overwhelming. A Travel Journal can preserve your friend’s first travel experience or mark the places they have visited to! Of course thanking you each time they read it back again!

  1. Parachute Hammock – Ask your friends to take a chill pill!

When your traveler friend wants to spend some quality time with nature, this gift will be the perfect one to choose from. They can use this super strong and durable gift on a beach or in a deep forest when they want to chill reading a book to just while admiring nature!

  1. Pocket Rocket Stove – The Hunger call!

This stove can prove to be very essential when your friend is hungry in deep a jungle or on the top of a mountain peak! This stove is small enough to fit in tiny places. Now don’t worry about your friend when hunger strikes him. He can easily cook whatever and where ever he wants. Thanks to you!

  1. Travel Money Belt – Don’t Beg Borrow And Steal!

No matter how many times you have lent money to your traveler pal, you always want his cash to be safe while travelling. This one on the list is a classic gift! Tying around the Travel will help him to keep his valuables safe with himself!

  1. Scratch Map – Mark his presence!

This is a simple but an ultimate gift for your traveler buddy. A scratch map is a map used to mark the places he has visited. This is a fun gift for you traveler friend and we bet he will love you for gifting it. He just has to scratch with a coin on the places he has visited to and plan for the next one!

  1. Potable Battery Charger – Capture every moment freely!

Imagine your friend climbing the highest peak or doing the most adventurous things, it is a big moment in his life but he just cannot capture it because of lifeless phone! A Potable Battery Charger is a mind-blowing gift to gift your travel freak friend. He can charge his phone without electricity and live tension free. Potable Battery Chargers are extremely light weighted and compact. He can also secure it with a waterproof pouch.

  1. Adventure Tents – A home under the stars!


Last but not the least on the list are the Adventure tents. These tent is can be set up easily and are spacious. Your traveler friend can camp under the stars, in a forest or even in a desert with this adventure camp. It keeps the bugs outside and secures your friend.

These were the top 10 quirky gifts for your friend. Surprise them with these unique and useful gifts and capture their moment in your hearts for ever. We bet, they will always thank you for adding a bit more into their passion and encouraging them to fulfill their travel dreams. Go ahead you are a true friend!

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