Why Azerbaijan is a Destination worth Visiting?

Why Azerbaijan is a Destination worth Visiting?

It is not uncommon for one to find an amalgam of European and Asian culture, blending seamlessly in a country like Azerbaijan. Located between the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan’s rich architecture, awesome food, places of attraction, fashion and culture will certainly leave you mesmerized.

A nation, which was  known to many as an oil-producing country, has over the years, emerged as one of the best travel destinations in the world. If setting out on an “off the beaten path” trip is what you are considering, then Azerbaijan tour would be a perfect fit!

Here are a few reasons why Azerbaijan makes a great travel destination

  1. Abundance of natural beauty

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Azerbaijan is full of natural beauty!  The majestic Caucasus ranges are carved by lush flora, countless rivers and mountain streams. In winter, these ranges appear white and brown. The frozen waterfalls during this time are worth a trek.  Azerbaijan tour package may also include a trip to mud volcanoes, which are delight to eyes.

  1. Ski resorts

If skiing and snow attracts you, then halt at Shahdag for a day. This place is perfect for relaxing, skiing and exploring the mountain ranges. Don’t miss out getting on the ski lifts because the view of the mountain ranges that you get to see at the altitude is simply breath-taking. What’s more, there are countless resorts in this area, which are quite cheaper, less crowded and offer great hospitability.

  1. Baku:

Stroll through Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan and you will know why it is called as the “Paris of the Caucasus”. The city boulevards are lined with Beaux Arts buildings, and countless shopping boutiques.  Nizami Street, Icheri Sheher, Fountains Square, Maiden Tower (UNESCO Heritage Site), Heydar Aliyev Center and the Flame Towers are worth visiting.  Going ahead to the north of Baku, you will find a place called Yanar Dag, where a continuously burning natural gas exists. This explains us why Azerbaijan is called the “Land of Fire”.

  1. Wine:

Azerbaijan has a long-standing history of wine production. In fact, archaeologists have even found remains of wines from the second millennium BC. The country produces sparkling wines, table wines and distilled beverages such as brandy and vodka. You can go on a tour to a local winery at Baku, Agsu, Ismayilli, Qabala or Ganja where you can discover the taste of Azerbaijan wine and also understand the wine making process.

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