Why Beach Trek is Fun?

Why Beach Trek is Fun?

When one says the word ‘Trek’, you immediately imagine, huge landscapes, forts, heights and a mountain summit. What if we tell you trekking is beyond this and there can also be something like a Beach Trek?  A Beach Trek is a blissful experience and is a must do at least once in a lifetime.

  • What is a Beach Trek?

A beach walk on the golden sand, looking at the endless sky or just admiring the different orange shades of the sky when the sun sets in the horizon. If you find this experience enchanting then just imagine what a charm does a Beach Trek have? A trek on the beach where there would be slightly hilly terrain and the warm sand under your feet is a perfect spot to forget all your worries behind and have some fun.

Popular Beach Treks

  • The Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek

Kumta Gokarna beach trek

The Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek is one of the most popular Beach Treks which promise a whole new experience. This trail goes through some unexplored beaches which are away from the tourist eyes. The trek starts from Kumta Beach and then the trail goes to Gokarna beach.  On this Beach Trek you pass around 15 beaches on the way.

  • Vengurla Beach Trek

Vengurla Beach Trek

Vengurla, located in the southernmost Taluka of Maharashtra has some of the best beaches in India. Yes, the beaches in Vengurla are perhaps the best-kept secret of the coastal district of Sindhudurg. If you find solace in white sands, clear skies, tranquil atmosphere, and lush green foliage, Vengurla beach trek is something you should miss!

  • Kelshi to Ladghar Beach Trek

Kelshi to Ladghar Beach Trek

Located in the Dapoli region, the Kelshi Beach is a beach with picturesque view and beauty. This beach attracts many tourists. This beach is famous for the Mahalaxmi temple and Yaqub Sarvani Baba Dargah which witness a lot of pilgrims.  This Kelshi to Ladghar Beach Trek is super easy and includes a trail by the creeks and boats and the beautiful scenery. Also trekking on the long Ladghar Beach is a very unique experience. Many unexplored beaches will be seen in this Beach Trek.

The ultimate goal of any Beach Trek is to have super fun and you will also notice that there is a lot of learn from the sea and the sand. Beach Treks are really easy to conquer and the beaches have a charm that cannot be expressed by words. You must witness a Beach Trek to know what a combination of fun and serenity it is.

Along with Beach Trek you can also build your sand castle and admire the beach. Don’t you think, beaches have a lot to offer?  Take some time out of your busy schedule and exhausting city life and get ready to feel the soft sand under your feet at a Beach Break.

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