Why Odisha Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Why Odisha Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

you are an explorer at heart, who loves to travel to different states of India and discover the diverseness and rich cultural heritage of our country, then we recommend you to visit Odisha! Located on the eastern side of India, everything about this state is mesmerizing – the temple architecture, fairs, festivals, handicrafts, cuisine, sanctuaries, nature…In this article, we mention six places, which we think will inspire you to visit Odisha!

  1. Lord Jagannath Temple

Lord Jagannath Temple situated in Puri is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, which is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Considered as one of the “Char Dham” pilgrimage sites in India, this iconic temple has been a major pilgrimage destination for Hindus since 800CE. This massive temple based on a gigantic raised platform is over 61 meters high and built in the Nagara Hindu Style. It reflects the Kalinga architecture.

  1. Konark Sun Temple

Outlined in the form of an enormous chariot and mounted on 12 gigantic wheels pulled by seven horses, this temple is entirely cut in stone. This monumental representation of Sun god, Surya’s chariot is a UNESCO world heritage site and mostly in ruins after an envoy of Jahangir desecrated the temple in early 17th century. Six of seven horses of the temple still stand today.

  1. Chilika Lake

Located at 50 km from Puri is Chilika Lake, a biggest bitter-water tidal pond in Asia. This lake is a biodiversity hotspot, home to many fishes, transitory winged creatures and various threatened species of plants and animals. It is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds as it hosts over 160 species of birds in the migratory season.

  1. Satkosia Tiger Sanctuary

This forested tiger reserve situated 125 km away from Bhubaneswar, is one of the best places to visit in Odisha. Stretched over both sides of River Mahanadi, the jungle trek amidst the lush greenery and wide landscape of this place is something to cherish for. Satkosia is home to Gharial, mugged crocodile, elephants, leopards, and many other animals. What’s more, other activities that you can enjoy here include – Stargazing, birding and nature camping.

  1. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary has the second-largest concentration of Mangroves in India. You will spot many species of crocodiles and birds in this sanctuary. Besides, this place is also home to the highest number of King Cobras.

  1. Sambalpur

This place should be in your itinerary no matter what as Sambalpur is where you can do all things shopping. Gole Bazaar, in particular, is famous for textile and handloom artefacts where you can buy the famous Sambalpur sarees for your loved ones. Places of attraction in Sambalpur include – Hirakud Dam, Huma temple, Samaleswari temple, Gudguda Water Fall, Deer park and Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary etc.

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