Cycling trail to Upper Vaitarna Lake
₹ 2,049
A magical hidden gem in the middle of Maharashtra, Upper Vaitarna is definitely the best possible unexplored place in Maharashtra. The feel of cycling through this terrain, heavenly roads of 51 Kms during the monsoons is something words wouldn’t do justice to! A pure countryside trail that takes you through two small reservoirs before opening up to the heavenly crystal clear Upper Vaitarna Reservoir. After letting the view sink in, ride your cycles along the bank of the lake till you get to the Vairarna Dam. It’s now time to take a natural pressure massage under the gushing waters of the dam, take a dip and refresh! Once done, we ride back towards Igatpuri, have a tasty and filling lunch, before riding back to Igatpuri to end the beautiful ride. Batches: Batch 1: Sunday, 05th September 2021 Event Price: Rs 2,049 (Cycle Provided By Us) Travel Suggestions: Onward Journey Option 1: Train No: 07618 Train Name: Tapovan Special Pickup stops and timings: CSMT - 06:15 AM Dadar - 06:23 AM Thane - 06:50 AM Kalyan - 07:15 AM Kasara - 08:23 AM   Option 2:  You can reach Igatpuri Railway Station by driving through your own vehicle as well Return Journey Those who arrived by own vehicle can drive back home. Those who arrived by train, the return journey can be made by train itself: Train No: 07617 Train Name: Tapovan Special Drop stops and timings: Kalyan - 20:25 PM Thane - 20:45 PM Dadar - 21:10 PM CSMT - 21:55 PM   read more read less