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Chadar Trek – Adrenaline Rush on Zanskar - Tour
  • Leh
  • 8 Nights 9 Days

Chadar Trek – Adrenaline Rush on Zanskar

₹ 24,499

Grade:  Medium Trek The locals here often say it Zanskar is our pride and Chadar trek is our lifeline during winters, and without them we are nothing. Experience the pride and prestige of the Zanskari people, battle the harsh climatic conditions as the mercury takes an extreme dip. Connect with the locals just like the confluence of Indus and Zanskar, understand their life saving techniques during the winter climate. You will not find them complaining to Almighty for remaining isolated from the rest of the countries but it gives the honor and opportunity to spend most of their time with the family and friends, sipping the Namkeen Chai and enjoying life. Chadar is mostly walking on ice sheets formed from the flowing water river of Zanskar and surviving in the drastic cold climate. Learn about the mountain ghost stories and the deities which protects the Zanskaris from failing during the winter harsh climate. Understand the attitude and spirit of keep going, no matter what and experience the most adventurous and thrill kicking trek of your life. Travel suggestions: Do note that during winters, the only way to get to Leh is through flight. Make sure you book an early flight and land at Leh by noon. Do not rush at the last minute and book your flight months prior to avail cheaper rates Since Leh is situated at an height of 11,800 feet, the strong cold winds will welcome you as soon you leave the plane. Make sure you have your gloves, jacket and woolen cap handy. Booking Started for Jan 2020 Batch 1 : 09th Jan to 16th Jan 2021 Batch 2 : 10th Jan to 17th Jan 2021  

Sar Pass Trek - Tour
  • Kashmere Gate, Delhi
  • 7 Nights 8 Days

Sar Pass Trek

₹ 13,499

Grade : Easy to Moderate  The Sar Pass trek offers a diversified trail through deep forests, undulating meadows, snowy mountains and charming villages. It is an ideal trek for beginners and moderate level trekkers. It derives its name from ‘Sar,’ which means lake. The ‘Sar’ which is mostly frozen till late in summer needs to be crossed by trekkers and hence the name ‘Sar Pass Trek’. The trek starts from the quaint village of Kasol and trekkers cross forests and steep rocky terrains to encounter long stretches of snow on the Pass Day. The mesmerizing views of the snowy peaks of the Parvati valley in addition to the snow trail will definitely leave you spellbound. It is undoubtedly one of the most delightful treks in the Himachal Pradesh. Go for it peeps! Travel Suggestions: Arrival Ensure that you schedule your flights/trains in a way that you reach Majnu Ka Tila  not later than 4:30 PM on Day 1.  Departure We shall arrive into Delhi by morning on Day 8. It is suggested that modes of transport should be scheduled post 12 PM to avoid any mishap.Missing flights or trains could be disastrous, hence, please make your choices wisely. Batch 1: 08th  - 15th May 2021 Cost : 13499 ( Ex Delhi ) Cost: 9999 ( Ex Kasol ) Batch 2: 15th - 22nd May 2020 Cost : 13499 ( Ex Delhi ) Cost: 9999 ( Ex Kasol )     Above dates not possible? Contact us & we promise to customize the above itinerary at your convenience. Call now on 9820022466 or drop an email at    

Rupin Pass Trek - Tour
  • Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
  • 7 Nights 8 Days

Rupin Pass Trek

₹ 16,499

Rupin Pass Trek It is said that ‘Change is the only constant’. Rupin Pass follows through with this statement. Literally, almost with every turn that you take, there is a change in the scenery that’s there on offer. The trek runs along the River Rupin and its famous three stage waterfall. In the upper reaches of the trek, we pass through superb snow fields and snow gullies, that gives one an adrenaline rush. You’ll have it all: hanging villages, terrific forests, glacial meadows, hundreds of waterfalls and an exhilarating pass crossing.   Travel Suggestions: Arrival Those arriving into Dehradun from Delhi, there are two options, A) Travel by Nanda Devi Express which arrives into Dehradun by 5:40 AM. B) Travel by bus from Delhi that arrives at ISBT Dehradun by 6 AM. Note: Train travel is preferred since you get proper sleep during the night. Also, most times, busses arrive into Dehradun earlier than estimated, resulting in you having to wait on the roads. Those arriving by flight, please ensure selecting flights in a manner wherein you are able to reach the Railway Station by 5:45 AM. The airport is 25 kms away from the railway station. Departure Please ensure that your stay in Shimla has been booked in advance. This would curtail cost to some extent. Busses (Luxury and others) ply from Shimla to Delhi and Chandigarh regularly. The journey to Delhi takes about 8-9 hours. Assuming that you depart from Shimla in the morning, not later, you can book for trains post 9 PM, later the better. For those who would be flying out of Delhi, please prefer to book a later flight, at least not earlier than 10:30 PM. Missing flights or trains could be disastrous, hence, please make your choices wisely. Batch 1 : Sat, 11 May, 2019 to Sat, 18 May, 2019

Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Sahib Trek – Uttarakhand - Tour
  • New Delhi, Delhi
  • 7 Nights 8 Days

Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Sahib Trek – Uttarakhand

₹ 12,499

Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Sahib Trek  The trek to Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib is a mesmerizing experience that sets you on a spiritual rendezvous with the Himalayas. Nature’s abundance is on full display as hundreds of species of flowers dot the lush green expanse against the backdrop of foggy skies. It is one of the most recommended Himalayan treks for beginners as the views easily measure up for one’s efforts and physical endurance at medium levels. So get ready to explore as your love for nature, photography and trekking are all going to be fulfilled in this one journey! About Valley of Flowers If nature had to decide on one place to put its artwork on display, it could have been none other than the Valley of Flowers. Based in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, this section of the Garwhal Himalayas boasts of its diverse and unique floral treasure. As many as 650 varieties of flowers are said to be found here. You can spot the famous Brahmakamal, blue poppy and cobra lily along the 10 km stretch in the valley. About Hemkund Sahib In his previous life, Guru Govind Singh Ji, the tenth Sikh Guru meditated by a lake surrounded with seven snow-capped peaks. That spot came to be identified as the place where the Hemkund Sahib gurudwara stands today. It is covered in snow for most part of the year leaving only monsoons when pilgrims throng to this place of virtue to pay their respects to the revered master. The ambience is that of purity and serenity. Batch 1 : 22nd July - 29th July 2023 Batch 2 : 12th August - 19th August 2023 Batch 2 : 16th September - 23rd September 2023  

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