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Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek - Tour
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 3 Days

Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek

₹ 3,499

Grade: Medium  If you want to do something different this time when you set out to enjoy nature, this beach trek is for you! With every step you take, there will be sound of waves crashing onto colorful rocks, golden sand and breathtaking views with every little hill you climb. Also, did we mention there’s a ferry ride, camping on a beach and sleeping under the stars? Yeah, it’s magical. You might even spot dolphins if you’re lucky! Need we say more? About Kumta-Gokarna Situated by the Konkan Railway route, the trail between Kumta and Gokarna connects more than 10 clean and beautiful beaches on the northern tip of Karnataka. Most are untouched by regular tourists and only shelter few shacks for beach lovers. Start the trail at Kumta, walk through Vannali Beach, Kadle Beach, Nirvana Beach, Paradise Beach, Half-Moon Beach and Om Beach to name a few. End the trek at Gokarna, which is home to a famous Shiva Temple. Please Note: This is a two-day trek covering approximately 15 kms in all. Every participant must carry 2 full bottles of water since there may not be shops or water outlets in between stops. There will be a vehicle to carry luggage like sleeping bags, tents, camping equipment etc. So you need to carry only a day pack for water, food, cap etc. Please divide your luggage in 2 bags accordingly. The bag that is to be left in the vehicle should be locked.   Mumbai to Mumbai Cost: 4499/- per person ( Sleeper Coach Train Tickets ) Mumbai to Mumbai Cost: 6999/- per person ( AC Train Tickets ) Kumta to Gokarna Cost: 3499/- per person  ( Train Ticket Cost Not Included )  

Gokarna Backpacking Trip - Tour
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 3 Nights 2 Days

Gokarna Backpacking Trip

₹ 5,999

Yana Caves - Murudeshwar - Gokarna Backpacking Tour Gokarna is a coastal town in the state of Karnataka, India, famous for its beaches, temples, and natural beauty. The town has gained popularity among backpackers in recent years due to its relaxed vibe, affordable accommodation, and stunning scenery. A backpacking trip to Gokarna offers a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. The town is home to several beaches, including Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach, all of which offer different experiences for visitors. Kudle Beach is a long, sandy beach that's great for swimming and surfing, while Om Beach has a unique shape resembling the Hindu symbol 'Om.' Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach are smaller and more secluded, perfect for some quiet time away from the crowds. Aside from the beaches, Gokarna is also home to several temples, including the Murudeshwar Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple's architecture and religious significance make it a must-visit spot for cultural enthusiasts. Backpackers can explore the town to get around. Gokarna's laid-back atmosphere and stunning scenery make it an ideal destination for backpackers looking to unwind and recharge. Backpacking trip to Gokarna promises to be an unforgettable experience. With its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage. Gokarna is the perfect destination for backpackers looking for an adventure in India. Places to visit in Gokarna: Yana Caves: The Sahyadri range holds treasures beyond measure. Yana Caves is one such example. Two sooty rock hillocks, made of crystalline limestone can be seen rising sharply above a blanket of green forest. They have been named—Bhairaveshwara and Mohini, after two mythological characters. The former embodies a self-manifested Shiva Lingam while there is an idol of Goddess Parvati inside the latter. The cave temple is also popular for Shivratri celebration by locals. A simple trek of 3kms through a thick, damp forest is all you need to get there. The area is also apt for nature walks to observe its biodiversity.Kudle Beach: Kudle Beach is one of the enowned for its unmatched beauty and mesmerizing charm that you’l ever come across. Flanked by coconut trees, Kudle Beach is a wonderful retreat for the lovers of peace and quiet, and its shaped like the perfect 'C' Paradise Beach: Paradise Beach is also well-known by the name of 'Full Moon Beach', which is about 150 meters in length and out of this almost seventy percent of the beach is entirely covered in rocks. Half Moon Beach:  The name Half Moon is based on its similarities with a half moon. This beach is not connected by road and hence only way can reach the half moon beach is by hiking or motor boats that ply from Om Beach. OM Beach Gokarna It’s not just the shape that defines OM beach, but also the peace and serenity that one feels after landing there. Smooth waves and long shoreline tend to captivate your senses. The top view of this beach distinctively shows the Letter 3, which means OM in Hindi. World’s Tallest Shiva Statue Temple at Murudeshwara Beach: At the coastal Arabian Sea, Long and Gigantic Shiva Statue is a divine sight to witness. Explore the temple, as it’s quite huge and it depicts many mythological stories. You can also stroll around the Murudeshwara Beach for Sunset view; it’s quite pristine and clean Some interesting facts about Gokarna: Gokarna is an ancient pilgrimage site and a popular beach destination. The town is known for its Shiva temple, which houses the Atmalinga, a revered lingam (an abstract representation of Lord Shiva) that is said to have been given to Ravana by Lord Shiva himself. The name "Gokarna" comes from the Sanskrit words "go" (cow) and "karna" (ear), and is said to refer to the legend of Lord Shiva appearing in the form of a cow to bless a devotee. Gokarna is located on the western coast of India, about 144 km from Goa. Some of the popular beaches in Gokarna include Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. Gokarna is a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts, with several trekking trails offering scenic views of the Western Ghats. The town has a vibrant culture, with various festivals and celebrations throughout the year. The Mahashivratri festival is particularly popular, with thousands of pilgrims visiting the Shiva temple to offer their prayers. Gokarna is also known for its delicious South Indian cuisine, with local dishes such as neer dosa, goli baje, and kotte kadubu being popular among visitors. The town has a laid-back, bohemian vibe and is a popular destination among backpackers and solo travelers. Gokarna is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, with lush forests, rolling hills, and pristine beaches that attract visitors from all over the world. Shopping to do at Gokarna: Traditional handicrafts: Gokarna is known for its traditional handicrafts, including carved wooden items, pottery, and woven fabrics. Visitors can buy these items as souvenirs or gifts for loved ones. Beachwear: With its beautiful beaches, Gokarna is a popular destination for beach lovers. Visitors can buy beachwear, such as swimsuits, shorts, and flip-flops, from the local markets. Incense and oils: Gokarna is a spiritual destination, and visitors can buy incense sticks and oils from the local markets to take back home. Jewelry: Visitors can find a variety of jewelry, including silver and gold pieces, in the local markets. Some of the jewelry is made by local artisans and features traditional designs. Spices: Karnataka is known for its spices, and visitors can find a variety of spices in the local markets in Gokarna. Some of the popular spices include cardamom, pepper, and cloves. Coconut products: Coconut is an essential ingredient in South Indian cuisine, and visitors can find a variety of coconut products in the local markets. These include coconut oil, coconut candy, and coconut-based skincare products. Books: Gokarna is a popular destination for backpackers and solo travelers, and visitors can find a variety of books in the local markets. These include travel guides, spiritual texts, and novels.

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