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Meghalaya and Kaziranga Tour - Tour
  • Borjhar, Assam
  • 6 Nights 7 Days

Meghalaya and Kaziranga Tour

₹ 27,999

Description: If you are a travel curious soul, then you will surely connect with Meghalaya. This trip designed by Trikon is a perfect journey for those who are planning their next travel hunt. Meghalaya literally means ‘Abode of the Clouds’ and is known for its roaring high waterfalls and thick rainforest. As you reach Meghalaya you will soon realise that it is difficult to describe the overall ambiance of Meghalaya. Meghalaya, ‘Abode of the Clouds’ is a combination of both serenity and excitement.  While exploring this sublime beauty, you will realise the magical sights that Meghalaya offers is nothing but utmost charm and tranquillity. The mysterious caves and clear river water is a must visit. The sight of the high mountains of Meghalaya will give you a sense of awe. Along with the friendly locals in Meghalaya, the villages here are worth exploring. Meghalaya is a perfect gateway to the candy floss clouds and exploring this beautiful destination will make you realise its purity and its pristine beauty. The blue natural pools in Meghalaya will restore back your energy and make your trip worth it. We at Trikon assure that you will surely lose yourself into the beauty of the undulating pine covered hills & the view of the Seven Sister state of North East India. Dive into Meghalaya and float with Trikon on its breath taking views! About the Place Did you know? Meghalaya is one of the cleanest states in India. Meghalaya is a must do if you are planning a vacation as it is also a very popular tourist spot and a well-known destination in the travel magazine all over the world. Meghalaya separates the Assam Valley from the plains of Bangladesh and is a refreshing and a thick pine mountain state with utmost beauty. The timeless beauty with its awe-inspiring environs, will make Meghalaya Tour an unforgettable journey. Known to be wettest places on Earth, Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram offer some really wonderful sights to the eye. Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram witness most of the rain falls between June and September resulting in the mesmerising waterfalls at Asia’s longest caves in Meghalaya. Bestowed with natural beauty and breath taking sights Meghalaya also has a traditional and cultural touch. In Meghalaya there are few tribal groups named as Jaintia, Khasi and Garo. These tribal groups reside in the eastern, central and western parts of Meghalaya. These tribal groups dance and celebrate festivals in colourful traditional dress which is very unique and beautiful. From boating to visit in the sacred forest Trikon has all that a traveller is looking for. Trikon calls out to traveler within you to enroll into a journey that you will never forget.  Cost: Rs 27,999/- (Inclusive of GST)   Travel suggestions: Ensure that you land/arrive into Guwahati latest by 10 am as we will depart from the airport by 11 am on Day 1 Take a flight/train post 4 pm on Day 7

Arunachal Pradesh Backpacking Tour - Tour
  • Guwahati, Assam
  • 8 Days

Arunachal Pradesh Backpacking Tour

₹ 29,999

Unleashing Nature’s Paradise – Monpa Mountains   Arunachal Pradesh, often known as "Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains," is the most isolated state in India and the first Indian territory to welcome the rising light. This stunning country, which is situated on the north-eastern tip of India and has borders with China, Bhutan, and Burma (Myanmar), is blessed with a stunning variety of flora and fauna that is guaranteed to entice any visitor. The deep woods of Arunachal Pradesh are home to more than 500 rare types of orchids. The misty hills, glittering rivers, and gushing waterfalls add to this wonderful land's splendour. The Kalika Purana and the renowned Hindu epic Mahabharata both make reference of Arunachal Pradesh. It is thought to be the Puranas' Prabhu Mountains. Arunachal Pradesh is said to have been the location where King Bhishmaka created his kingdom, Sage Parshuram washed away his sin, Sage Vyasa meditated, and Lord Krishna wed his bride, Rukmini. The Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, which has been ruled by numerous strong dynasties and kingdoms, is covered in countless historical monuments and archaeological ruins that attest to its illustrious cultural legacy.  A revealing journey through one of the planet’s last thriving natural paradise, this trip provides a simple insight into distant lifestyles and cultures of the people. Drive through the dainty pretty towns and wave at the amazing people on your way through the beautiful natural landscapes. Let the gentle, friendly, courteous, industrious, good to nature and amazing people of Monpa, influence you and provide you an insight of the compassionate Lord Buddha. Take a dip in natural hot springs or experience the adrenaline rush as you walk on the suspension bridge above the ferocious Tawang River, the activities offered by nature on your trip to Monpa is way higher than one’s imagination. Free yourself and keep your worries at bay, as you are about to experience nature’s heaven, within the folds of Himalayas.

Sikkim Backpacking Trip - Tour
  • Siliguri, West Bengal
  • 7 Nights 8 Days

Sikkim Backpacking Trip

₹ 29,999

Sikkim – Backpacker’s Paradise   The Indian state of Sikkim is situated in the eastern Himalayas in the north-eastern region of the nation. One of India's tiniest states is this one. Sikkim is bordered to the north and northeast by the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, to the southeast by Bhutan, to the south by the Indian state of West Bengal, and to the west by Nepal. In the state's southeast, in the city of Gangtok, sits the capital. Sikkim, which is a section of the Eastern Himalaya, is known for its biodiversity and for having alpine and subtropical climates. It also has Kangchenjunga, the third-highest mountain on Earth and the highest peak in India. Gangtok is the capital and largest city in Sikkim. The Khangchendzonga National Park spans over 35% of the state. Sikkim, a long-established independent political entity, was made an Indian protectorate in 1950 and a state in 1975. Despite its tiny size, Sikkim is very important to India politically and strategically because of its location along many international borders. Sikkim is one of the beauties in north eastern part of India. It is nicely tucked away and beautifully landlocked with immense natural beauty, it has all the components which would sooth you from the tiredness of vigorous day-to-day activities. The mighty Kanchenjunga, considered a benevolent protector, dominates the region, making itself visible from various points within the state. As the mercury rises across the country in May, Sikkim provides a much-needed retreat. once again to the city you all escaped from, maybe for this little breather. A mountain person or not, if you’re wondering what your next vacation spot must be, undoubtedly, you must add Sikkim to your travel bucket list. Sikkim, India’s second smallest state, is situated in the northeast region and is an ethereal gateway to the Himalayas. Sharing borders with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west and West Bengal in the south, Gangtok being its capital city, Sikkim houses breath-taking landscapes, lush green meadows, colourful groves and calm and gracious waterfalls. Although it is a perception that Sikkim is all about picturesque ranges and crystalline valleys, this mystic land has something to offer to every tourist. This tucked-away spot is ideal for nature admirers, adventure enthusiasts and spiritual buffs. Also, the unique and flavoursome local delicacies will surely take your taste buds through a wave of heavenly emotions! The places to visit in Sikkim: Tsomgo Lake: Also popularly known as the Changu Lake, Tsomgo is a glacier lake nestled 40 km from Gangtok at an altitude of 3800m. This lake reflects the gigantic snow-capped mountains, leaving you mesmerised.   Kanchenjunga Base Camp: Kanchenjunga is the world’s third-highest peak, and visiting its base camp is not only going to give you the true essence of Sikkim but also a sneak peek of the Himalayas. All those with an adrenaline rush can relish and enjoy this adventure trek. Nathula Pass: Nathula Pass is the most sought tourist location as this pass connects India to Tibet. You can witness a vibrant amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan culture around this place and also take home sovereigns from the Tibetan shops around. Lachen, Lachung and Yumthang Valley: Live like a local and adapt to tranquillity and serenity during your stay at these immensely beautiful and rich in culture villages in Sikkim. These villages are home to the Tibetan nomadic tribes and a portal to gorgeous lakes named Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu. Pelling: Your trip to Sikkim is incomplete without monasteries, and Pelling is the right spot. Pelling will leave you enchanted with its lush greenery and radiating positivity all around. Teesta River: Relax by the riverside and indulge in water sports like river rafting and kayaking at Teesta River. It is a significant tourist attraction annually due to the enthralling and delightful views it exhibits.   Reaching Bagdogra Airport on your own : 29999/- per person ( Inclusive of 5% GST ) Mumbai to Mumbai by Indigo Airline  :  49,999/- per person ( Inclusive of 5% GST ) Mumbai to Sikkim and Sikkim to Mumbai time: Mumbai to Bagdogra by Indigo Airline Departure from Mumbai : 08.10 Hrs Arrival at Bagdogra : 10.55 Hrs Bagdogra to Mumbai by Indigo Airline Departure from Bagdogra : 11.30 Hrs Arrival at Mumbai : 14.30 Hrs Checkout our blog about Sikkim Title: Sikkim – Land Of The Mystic Thunder Dragon Link:

Meghalaya Backpacking Trip - Tour
  • Borjhar, Assam
  • 8 Days

Meghalaya Backpacking Trip

₹ 27,999

                                            Meghalaya - The Abode of Clouds What if one could walk in the clouds, feel the cool breeze run through the hair & lush green terrain under your feet? You think it’s just a dream? Not anymore, cause we at Trikon are going to take you to a dreamland! - A destination that requires no wings to touch the clouds. If it's raw natural beauty that you want to explore, look no further than Meghalaya! The name itself means ‘THE ABODE OF CLOUDS’. It is also known as the land of the living root bridges, numerous caves & natural swimming pools. Receiving the maximum rainfall in the world, this heavenly state is filled with gushing waterfalls sheltered by rainbows, breathtaking trails and life in the woods. Meghalaya gives you the feel of a fictional story! Play your character in this story and we promise it will have a happy ending!  Steamy jungles and spellbinding cliffs, rushing rivers, unique cultures, delicious cuisines, windswept highlands, and lush, verdant valleys – Meghalaya welcomes you with a breath-taking array of sights and experiences. Located in North-east India, Meghalaya, also known as the Abode of Clouds, falls in one of the richest biodiversity areas in the world. The famed monsoons, the rich traditional festivals, and the dramatic terrain are just some of the many things this state is famous for. Whether you are looking for an adventure to give you an adrenaline high or a tranquil spot to recharge yourself, Meghalaya has plenty to offer.   Ex Guwahati: 27,999/- per person ( Transport from Guwahati to Guwahati  ) Travel suggestions: Ensure that you land/arrive into Guwahati latest by 11 am as we will depart from the airport by 12 pm on Day 1 Take a flight/train post 12 pm on Day 8

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