Visapur Fort Trek – A Waterfall Trek to Remember!

Visapur Fort Trek – A Waterfall Trek to Remember!

Waterfalls become our Travel Goals once monsoon hits. Facebook check-ins, Insta Stories & most important every single WhatsApp group that you are a part of have this 24/7 ‘Let’s go to Waterfall’ chants! It’s time to give the enthusiastic trekker inside you a few lovely surprises this monsoon. This year, let us take you to a fort trek which has waterfall all across its staircase from start to end. Enough of an adrenaline rush?!

Yes Trikoners, we have such an astonishing fort in Maharashtra named Visapur Fort. The fabulous feature of this monsoon’s favorite spot is that it has a Staircase Waterfall all over the way. Much wow, isn’t it? Although, the walk might get slippery (we suggest you to carry grip shoes), the experience you get is out of the world. Visapur fort trek is not that far, just 60 km from Pune & 100 km from Mumbai. You can easily plan a weekend getaway with your friends & family.

What will make you feel rich at the heart is the view after reaching the upper top of the fort. Indeed, mesmerizing! The refreshing rainy breeze, the clouds in their best version & view of Pawana Damn from such a height, witnessing all this will surely leave you spellbound. There is tremendous beauty left in this chaotic world & if you visit nature, you’ll see it. Visapur fort trek in monsoon is a kind of expedition nature lovers must definitely have.

So, your exclusive monsoon trek destination for 2019 is here. Btw, we are here to guide you, arrange a weekend trip & be your picnic partner for this monsoon! We don’t see any reason for you to delay plans for this trip.

How to reach Visapur Fort? 

How to Reach Visapur Fort

Journey through Route 1:

The Visapur Fort trek begins with Bhaje Village trail which is 9km away from Malvali Railway Station. Covered with dense greenery, this path over rocky flat exterior give us enough practice to hold on the grip. The beginning part is damn exciting. When we start walking out of the village, the mud tracks prove to be our first challenge. It’s tricky yet fun to cross this 4km pathway.

Finally, you can see the walls of the fort. That moment of relief & curiosity!

Take the route towards your left for Visapur Fort & follow the arrows painted to guide you. Brace yourself for the most exciting part of the trek. As you go ahead, water gushing through the stones adds thrill to your monsoon expedition.

Keep going ahead for 30-40 minutes. Your final destination arrives. The top plateau wrapped with green looks like nature’s best creation. Don’t you skip to explore the caves, small water tanks & architecture of the fort.

Journey through Route 2:

Here’s another route to Visapur which begins from Patan Village. It is not the easiest as compared to Bhaje but you can explore if you wish to. Be ready with the notes of landmarks when you go through Patan village. Locals are the best ones to ask in case there’s any confusion while trailing this route.

The trail begins through the small forest & then you’ll see a waterfall. You can take a quick halt here & enjoy the monsoon waterfall. Just a reminder: You can click beautiful pictures of your monsoon trek quickly. Time goes but memories stay, right?

Also, please stick to the same waterfall for the correct route, after approx. 20 mins road will split. For Visapur Fort take right.  At one point after 40-45 mins, you will see a broken Staircase which will lead you to the entrance of Visapur.

caves at Visapur fort

Visapur waterfall trek


Major Attractions: Top Plateau, Caves, Fort Architectures, Staircase Waterfall

Key points to note:

  • The time required to reach – From Mumbai: 2 hours 10 mins (approx.),  From Pune: 1 hour 36 mins (approx.)
  • Best Time to Visit Visapur Fort – Monsoon looks gorgeous here. You can visit from mid of June to the end of winter.
  • Terrain types- Forest trail, mud trail and rocky surface at same points.
  • It is mostly visited by families, friends & group of trekkers as a one-day getaway.
  • Please carry enough water and food.
  • Gripped Shoes are a must.
  • Carry First Aid kit and Extra pair of clothes.

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