Nestled in the top north part of India, Himachal Pradesh is a small but remarkable part of the great HIMALAYAS. Well, if Pahad is your definition of love, you surely cannot miss traveling to the Himalayas be it in summer, winter, monsoon, or any part of the year. 

Whether you are someone who loves being in the lap of nature marveling at the beauty of mighty white peaks or an adventurist who likes to get a little adrenaline rush with fun activities- Himachal is a place for you. From the OG Shimla to slowly commercializing Spiti and everything above, beyond, and between these places- each lane of Himachal has a story that needs discovering. 

Find your inner bliss in the majestic laps of Himachal cities and rediscover a part of you that’s somehow lost in the bustle of cities. Explore the culture of these places and know that the world is far better a place than we imagine. 

Let your next travel destination be Himachal. 

When is the best time to visit Himachal? 

Different regions of Himachal are accessible at different points in time. Depending on where you plan to travel and what you expect to see, you can make a travel plan in summers, monsoons, as well as winters. 

Monsoons get a bit risky in this region due to landslides. So better pick a safe travel company for a safe travel. 

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Jibhi Tirthan Valley tour Package - Offbeat Himachal Trip - Tour

Jibhi Tirthan Valley tour Package - Offbeat Himachal Trip

  • 5 Nights 6 Days
  • Kashmere Gate, Delhi
₹ 14,999View Details
Kasol - Manali - Tosh Kheerganga Tour from Mumbai - Tour

Kasol - Manali - Tosh Kheerganga Tour from Mumbai

  • 7 Nights 8 Days
  • Kashmere Gate, Delhi
₹ 17,999View Details
Spiti Valley Circuit Tour - Tour

Spiti Valley Circuit Tour

  • 7 Nights 8 Days
₹ 22,999View Details
Amritsar-McLeodganj-Bir Backpacking Trip - Tour

Amritsar-McLeodganj-Bir Backpacking Trip

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Ajmeri Gate, Delhi
₹ 17,999View Details
Kasol - Kullu – Manali Tour - Tour

Kasol - Kullu – Manali Tour

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
₹ 15,999View Details


The Alpine state of affairs with T Trikon

Traveling needs to be therapeutic. So if you are someone who stresses a lot before travel, it’s possibly because you haven’t found a reliable partner (travel company) to take away that stress. 

With T TRIKON you sign up for a trip that’s going to be memorable and adventurous. Himachal is a bast state but in all its glory it's magnificent and gorgeous. We want you to experience this place as beautifully as we consider it to be. Whether you are seeking a weekend getaway to a cottage in Shimla, a long backpacking tour to Shimla, a small hike in Tirthan Valley, or a paragliding adventure in BIR- T Trikon has got you covered. 

From group travelers to solo travelers we entertain every sort of crowd who wants to explore this breathtaking beautiful place cost-effectively without losing on all the fun. Explore our Himachal plans and check out the upcoming events to sign up for your next adventure. 

Explore Himachal tour packages now. 

Why Choose T Trikon for your Himachal travels? 

Travel and you will see how great the world is. However, more often than not imagined fun travel stories turn into a nightmare when you choose the wrong travel partner. (travel company)

Well, here are 4 reasons why T Trikon is the best for your Himachal travels. 

  • Traveling in Himachal sounds risky at times. But hey, when you choose us you sign up for all the adventures without risking your safety. From traveling to accommodation to food and company- we ensure safety in every aspect to give you the ultimate secure travel experience. 

  • We offer PAN India tour options. From North East to Gujarat to South to North- Experience India in its true beauty with plans and events that are otherwise not common. 

  • We have the most expert team of guides and team leaders who are hell-bent on offering you a lifetime adventurous experience of traveling in India. 

  • We have multiple different tour events happening at a time across different regions of India. That being said, there is something for all sorts of travelers and all sorts of budgets who are eager to explore India. 

And lastly, we are the firm believer in experience. Even a weekend trip with us is sure to remain etched in your hearts forever. 

Choose your next travel destination and book with us. 

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