When your fingers are typing on the keypad while searching for words like ‘best places for a vacation’, holiday, adventurous trips, etc. then there is a possibility that Dubai will be in the top five places. Dubai is the ideal destination for a vacation with family or friends. Dubai is also very safe for solo travelers. For old and for young, Dubai is the perfect destination for all and is considered to have the strongest tourism infrastructure.

  Dubai is known for its luxury, nightlife, beaches, ultramodern architecture, skyscrapers, and much more. Habibi do not waste more time and Come to Dubai! 

Please Note : Booking refundable air tickets through reputable platforms like Make My Trip or Yatra Portal is indeed a wise choice, especially for flexibility in travel plans. It's important to prioritize peace of mind, particularly in the face of potential last-minute changes or cancellations.


6 Nights 7 Days 06 Oct, 10 Nov, and 01 Dec Dubai, Dubai
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Day 1 : Sunday

Welcome to the land of the Sheikhs. After you arrive at the Dubai airport, you will be transferred to the

hotel on a private basis with airport parking fees. We at Trikon want your tour to be

comfortable and a memorable one and hence we will book a room at 3 Star Property. Rest for some

time and get ready for a lavish evening.

About Dhow Cruise Marina:

Welcome a lavish evening today as you will spend your evening at the evening at Dhow Cruise

Marina. A Dhow is an Arab sailing vessel that has a glass-enclosed lower deck and the upper deck is

open. The upper deck gives a stunning view of the starry Arabian Night as you navigate the night sky.

The Dhow Cruise Marina is itself a tour, as there is so much to see. You can sit back and see the

reflections of lights forming a kaleidoscopic view of vibrant colors and sparkling lights.  Dhow offers a

glittering view of Dubai. The BBQ treat will be worth it when you look around, see the city lights, and

admire the dazzling view of modern architecture. Tap your feet on the beats of the music playing on

the cruise and enjoy the dance show of professional Tanura dancers. After dinner, you will return to

the hotel on a private basis. 

( Meal : Dinner )

Day 2 : Monday

Today you will be visiting Old Dubai and New Dubai.

About Old and New Dubai:

Old and New Dubai is a perfect example of the harmonious coexistence of old and modern traditions.

You will see the traditional roots of Dubai merging with the peak of the skyscrapers. The Old Dubai

and the New Dubai have embraced different cultures. Old Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of heritage,

culture, and history. You will see a traditional wind tower architecture, Dubai Museum which was the

Al Fahidi Fort before. The New Dubai is all about embracing the architectural marvels of Dubai. The

world’s tallest building, The Burk Khalifa, is a treat to the eye. With every glance from the 124th floor

of this building, your heart would scream out loud saying “Jee Karda Dila Du ‘Menu’ Burj Khalifa!” The

visit is Non-Prime Time with a monorail tour and with a professional tour guide on a private basis. The

view from the 124th floor is captivating. New Dubai is also known as Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah

is a man-made island that is in the shape of a palm tree. New Dubai also attracts tourists due to The

Dubai Marina. The Dubai Marina is spread across 50 million square feet. The main attractions of The

Dubai Marina are the Jumeirah Beach and the luxurious high-rise towers, which touch the sky. You

will also visit the Dubai Mall today.

About the Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is known for adventure, architecture, and unbelieve sights.  The

Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world, which has an aquarium at its ground level. There is also a

theme park inside the mall, which is a perfect place to visit with your family or friends. If you love

candies and want to explore some vast varieties of candies, then you can visit the Candy shop in the

Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is also home to the world’s largest candy shop. 

( Meal : Breakfast & Dinner )

Day 3 : Tuesday

Dubai has massive feasts to offer. Today is one such massive feast. Today you will visit the World's

Largest Dubai Frame on a private basis

About the World's Largest Dubai Frame: The World’s Largest Dubai Frame lies here in Dubai.

Greet the tall structure looking right up until you can. An architectural marvel stands 500 feet tall and

300 feet wide.  This frame connects the roots of Dubai and the new Modern Dubai. You can also visit

inside and walk on the skywalk, which gives a Birdseye view of Dubai. Dubai is a synonym for luxury

and  Trikon takes you on one such luxurious VIP desert safari. Enjoy the view of the desert,

which looks like golden dust. Make the most of the magical desert safari. Dive into the Arabian

adventure and feel the breeze of the desert of Dubai. You will be sitting in a four-wheel drive vehicle

and you will be taken around in the desert. After an adventurous day, relax and enjoy a hot BBQ for

dinner by Land Cruiser on private basis. 

( Meal : Breakfast & Dinner )

Day 4 : Wednesday

About Miracle Garden: Dubai itself is a miracle when it comes to huge monuments, architecture, and

structures, which are actual wonders. The Miracle Garden is one such popular destination The

Miracle Garden is the largest in the world. It is home to more than 50 million blooming flowers. This is

the reason why it is called the Miracle Garden. Finding such species and varieties of flowers in a

desert is impossible, but Dubai has made it possible by displaying and blooming 50 million flowers at

a time. Dubai is a truly inspiration!

After the visit to the Miracle Garden, you will visit the Global Village with a professional tour guide and

then return to the hotel.

About Global Village: The Global Village is an entertainment hub where you can see cultures from

around the globe. The Global Village is known for shopping, entertainment, and different cuisines

brought to your plate from the corners of the world. You can visit the culture of 90 countries at the

Global Village. 

( Meal : Breakfast & Dinner )

Day 5 : Thursday

Palm Jumeirah

Stunning 360- degree views 240 Metres above the world famous Palm Jumeirah. Evening free for 

Leisure and shopping.  

( Meal : Breakfast & Dinner )

Day 6 : Friday

UAE and royalty are a match made in heaven. Today you will visit one such city, which is very popular

among people across the globe. The city of Abu Dhabi.

About Abu Dhabi City: When you visit Abu Dhabi City, you will be accompanied by a professional

tour guide on a private basis. Abu Dhabi is worth visiting and we have all the reasons why. Abu Dhabi

is glamorous!  It is a city with a blend of heritage, culture, and luxurious lifestyle. Tourists are

awestruck by the skyscrapers, adventures, glittering beaches, and scenic views. Ultimately Abu Dhabi

is a mind-blowing experience.  

( Meal : Breakfast & Dinner )

Day 7 : Saturday

Time to say goodbye to the week, which ended in a blink of an eye. Today you will begin your journey

back home from Dubai Airport. You will be transferred to the Dubai Airport on a private basis. 

( Meal : Breakfast )


Flight Details:

BOM – DXB: 11th Feb , Reach Before 11 am 

DXB – BOM: 17th Feb , Post 11 am 


Customised Itinerary

If you have any custom requirements related to number of trip days, date, base location, addition to itinerary etc., we will be happy to hear them out and plan a customized itinerary based on your interests. The trip cost price will be adjusted accordingly. Please get in touch with us over call or email and we can discuss it further.


  • Passport should be valid until six months after the trip.

  • Passport should have at least five pages free.

  • Visa is to be applied at least 2 weeks before the trip.

  • Visa consultancy will be provided but cannot guarantee Visa as it depends on embassy decision.

  • Name on flight ticket should match with that on passport

  • Apply it online and get visa in 3 to 5 working days: INR 7000-8000

Terms and conditions:

  • This trip is for age group of 18-50 years old. We may make an exception in some cases.

  • This trip requires moderate fitness. You should be prepared to walk about 4 km a day (not together of course)

  • We are extremely strict about women safety. Any misbehavior with women within the group or outside the group will lead to immediate expulsion.

  • You are an adult and have to take full responsibility at all times and respect other cultures.

  • You have to follow all the instructions told by the trip leader at all times.

  • When you are traveling alone, you have to keep trip leader informed about your whereabouts.

  • Trikon will not be responsible for any legal dispute arising out of your own actions.

  • You have to abide by all rules and regulations and respect the culture of another country.

  • You would be traveling with other people; you have to respect everyone’s privacy.

  • We have a fixed itinerary for the whole trip, but due to unforeseen circumstances (like flight delays etc.), weather disturbances etc. plan might have to be changed.

  • We would be staying in hostels or apartments and would be sharing room with other people.Though all hostels chosen are safe and well-rated but responsibility for your stuff lies with you. Please do not carry any expensive stuff not required.


What is included in the tour

  • 6 Night & Days - Twin / Triple Sharing Accommodation at 3 Star Property
  • Pickup and Drop at Fixed Time
  • Day 2 to Day 7 Breakfast
  • Day 1 & 3 Dinner
  • Evening Dhow Cruise Marina
  • Dubai Mall Burj Khalifa 124 Floor Non Prime Time
  • Evening Vip Desert Safari
  • Miracle Garden + Global Village
  • All inter and intra-city transportation involved.
  • Entry Tickets wherever applicable

Please Note : Booking refundable air tickets through reputable platforms like Make My Trip or Yatra Portal is indeed a wise choice, especially for flexibility in travel plans. It's important to prioritize peace of mind, particularly in the face of potential last-minute changes or cancellations.

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Travel till Dubai & Return
  • Lunch & Dinner on all days ( Only 2 Dinner is part of Package )
  • Visa fee (However we will assist you in case you need it)
  • Travel Insurance
  • 5% GST




  • Desert Safari with Buffet Dinner 
  • Burj Khalifa 124th Floor ( off peak hours )
  • Dhow Cruise Marina qith Buffet Dinner 
  • Half Day Dubai City Tour
  • Global Village 
  • Miracle Garden 
  • Dubai Frame 
  • View at the Palm 
  • Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is the largest mosque in the country


Pickup point
Dubai International Airport (DXB) - Dubai - United Arab Emirates View on Map