Since childhood, haven’t we all been curious to know what is inside pyramids? The stories have made us believe that there is a treasure. Whatever is there, don’t you want to find out? If yes, join us for a vacation to Egypt.

One can safely call Egypt the land under a divine spell. Otherwise, where on Earth can one come across a place rich in history and at the same time soaking in beauty? For many, Egypt is only a deserted country filled with sand and pyramids. Yes, that is the main tourist attraction, but there is much more beyond your imagination in Egypt. Egypt is one of the oldest civilisations in the world. It is home to 1 of the 7 wonders of the world – The Great Pyramids of Giza. And apart from that, the ancient statues, tombs and monuments are cradled and continue to be a top site for exploration for archaeologists even today! Egypt is also known as the “Land of Pharaohs” and houses the longest river in the world – River Nile!

Amidst Egypt’s slow-paced lifestyle, Egypt also enjoys the city life through its widespread and bustling city – Cairo! If intricate and remarkable Egyptian architecture does not interest you, Egypt has multiple adventure activities to keep you engaged. The crystal clear blue waters and surreal gold sand beaches offer thrilling sports such as desert safari, horseback riding, diving, surfing and sailing. You can also spend the day picnicking at the spots and take delight in watching the sunset! Not to forget, Egyptian delicacies and local cuisine influenced by the Middle East will captivate your soul!

Temples, Treasures, Pyramids, History, Culture, Tourism – Egypt is a paradise and a storehouse worth exploring for every traveller.

Please Note : January 2024 Batch Cost May increase by 10%, post

November 2023. Till then you can consider INR 74000/- as early booking

discount till November 2023. 

9 Nights 8 Days 20 Jan

Day 1: Welcome to Egypt

  • The trip directly begins from Cairo – The capital city of Egypt. Our travel representatives will meet you here and assist you with your journey.
  • We will check in at our Traveller Hotel till late afternoon to rest and overcome the jet lag.
  • Later in the day, we will visit the famous Khan-el-Khalili. It is a popular bazaar and tourist destination in Cairo. The streets of this bazaar have many shops selling traditional crafts, handicrafts, gold and silver jewellery and beautiful artefacts.
  • We will indulge in some local Egyptian delicacies sold by vendors in the bazaar

Day 2: Pyramids and Mummies

  • We will begin the day early to reach the Giza Necropolis. Here we will visit:
    1. The Pyramids of Giza which is one of the 7 wonders of the world.
    2. The Great Sphinx which is a limestone statue of a reclining sphinx with the head of a human and the body of a lion. It is said that the Sphinx was a spiritual guardian.
    3. Papyrus Institute, which is an art gallery demonstrating the age-old crafts of Papyri. These crafts are hand painted. You can also take back home souvenirs from here.
  • Next, we will visit the Museum of Egypt. This is the oldest archaeological museum which has the famous Egyptian Pharaonic Antiquities and Mummies!
  • In the evening, we will revisit the Pyramids the lights show.

Day 3: Excursion Day

  • An exciting day ahead, we will begin our journey early morning and visit the following:
  1. Dahshur: Dahshur is primarily famous for housing several pyramids. The most renowned amongst them are Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid. Bent Pyramid is known for its unusual shape and unique design, whereas Red Pyramid is named after its red limestone stone's rusty, reddish hue. Red Pyramid also has 3 funeral chambers in it.
  2. Memphis: Memphis was the first capital of Egypt. It also houses many ancient pyramids.
  3. Step Pyramid: The Step Pyramid at Djoser is a 6-tier layered pyramid. The colossal stone building was the most prominent building during its time.
  • After the pyramid visit, we will return to Cairo and board an overnight train to Luxor. The travel distance between Cairo and Luxor is approximately 10 hours.

 Day 4: Exploring Luxor

  • Luxor is located on the banks of River Nile and is filled with captivating ancient wonders, majestic temples, remarkable history and breathtaking views. We will visit the following in Luxor:
  1. Valley of the Kings: This location is known for the burial of the “Royal Tombs” and has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  2. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut: This temple is a symbol of the beautiful ancient Egyptian history as it was built to pay homage to the Gods.
  3. Medinet Habu: An ancient temple dedicated to the God Amon.
  4. Valley of the Queens: Known as the “Place of Beauty”, this Valley is the burial site of the wives of the Pharaohs.

Day 5: Temple Visits

  • Today, we will explore the Eastern Bank of Luxor.
  1. Karnak Temple: The largest and most important religious complex of ancient Egypt.
  2. Luxor Temple: An ancient temple complex built to provide the Egyptians a place of worship.
  3. Luxor Museum: An archaeological place which wonderfully displays the antiquities of the ancient Egyptian period.
  • In the evening, we will board a flight to Alexandria and check in at our hotel in Alexandria. The flight distance from Luxor to Alexandria is approximately 1 hour.

 Day 6: The Submerged City

  • Begin our day with scuba diving near the Faroe Islands. Faroe Island is an ancient island with enchanting and surreal views.
  • During scuba diving, we will see the ancient Lighthouse and the Cleopatra Palace, which is submerged underwater. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the remains of a lost palace which must be on your bucket list!
  • Later, if we get time, we will visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which is a library and cultural centre known for the most extensive collection of books and literature.

 Day 7: Siwa

  • We will catch an early morning bus from Alexandria to Siwa. The travel duration is 7 hours.
  • After reaching Siwa, we will check in at our hotel in Siwa. Later in the day, we will visit the Grand Shali Fortress. This sand castle is known as the magical and majestic centrepiece of the Siwa Oasis town.
  • You can spend the rest of the day leisurely in the desert town.

Day 8: Adventures in Siwa

  • We will start the day by relaxing and floating in the gorgeous salt lakes of Siwa. These lakes have a high amount of salt, so you can easily float here without any effort.
  • Later, we will visit the Mountain of the Dead. This mountain contains endless tombs, but it is not scary to visit.
  • If time permits, we will visit the Great Sand Sea of Siwa.
  • We will board an overnight bus for Cairo at the end of the day.

Day 9: Departure

  • We will reach Cairo by 8 am. Our trip comes to an end here.
  • You can spend another day in Cairo or book a flight to India.

Fees: Rs.74,000 per person

  •  Non-refundable advance: Rs.30,000
  •  Remaining amount to be paid at least a week before the trip

What is included in the tour

  •  Visa cost
  •  Local SIM card with data pack
  •  Accommodation as per itinerary
  •  Travel in train, bus, cabs etc. as per itinerary
  •  All meals from Day 1 lunch to Day 9 breakfast
  •  Scuba diving at Alexandria
  •  Entry charges at the sights mentioned in itinerary

What is NOT included in the tour

  •  Flight tickets (expected 45k)
  •  Guide charges and tips (can be divided in group)
  •  Any activity or sights not mentioned in itinerary
  • A rare yet extraordinary vacation to the magical desert land of Egypt.
  • Understand Egyptian history, culture, art.
  • Indulge in exceptionally thrilling activities like visiting the tombs, discovering the lost Palace of Cleopatra underwater, floating in the salt lake and entering the pyramids of the Mummies.
  • Devour the local Egyptian cuisine.
  • Travel like a local in buses and trains in Egypt. 
Things to carry
  • Pen drive (minimum 16GB)
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for all days and activities
  • Passport and photocopy of passport
  • Some cash in USD is recommended
  • Sun protection (umbrella, hat, sunscreen)