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Gokarna Backpacking Trip - Tour
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 3 Nights 2 Days

Gokarna Backpacking Trip

₹ 5,999

Yana Caves - Murudeshwar - Gokarna Backpacking Tour Gokarna is a coastal town in the state of Karnataka, India, famous for its beaches, temples, and natural beauty. The town has gained popularity among backpackers in recent years due to its relaxed vibe, affordable accommodation, and stunning scenery. A backpacking trip to Gokarna offers a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. The town is home to several beaches, including Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach, all of which offer different experiences for visitors. Kudle Beach is a long, sandy beach that's great for swimming and surfing, while Om Beach has a unique shape resembling the Hindu symbol 'Om.' Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach are smaller and more secluded, perfect for some quiet time away from the crowds. Aside from the beaches, Gokarna is also home to several temples, including the Murudeshwar Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple's architecture and religious significance make it a must-visit spot for cultural enthusiasts. Backpackers can explore the town to get around. Gokarna's laid-back atmosphere and stunning scenery make it an ideal destination for backpackers looking to unwind and recharge. Backpacking trip to Gokarna promises to be an unforgettable experience. With its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage. Gokarna is the perfect destination for backpackers looking for an adventure in India. Places to visit in Gokarna: Yana Caves: The Sahyadri range holds treasures beyond measure. Yana Caves is one such example. Two sooty rock hillocks, made of crystalline limestone can be seen rising sharply above a blanket of green forest. They have been named—Bhairaveshwara and Mohini, after two mythological characters. The former embodies a self-manifested Shiva Lingam while there is an idol of Goddess Parvati inside the latter. The cave temple is also popular for Shivratri celebration by locals. A simple trek of 3kms through a thick, damp forest is all you need to get there. The area is also apt for nature walks to observe its biodiversity.Kudle Beach: Kudle Beach is one of the enowned for its unmatched beauty and mesmerizing charm that you’l ever come across. Flanked by coconut trees, Kudle Beach is a wonderful retreat for the lovers of peace and quiet, and its shaped like the perfect 'C' Paradise Beach: Paradise Beach is also well-known by the name of 'Full Moon Beach', which is about 150 meters in length and out of this almost seventy percent of the beach is entirely covered in rocks. Half Moon Beach:  The name Half Moon is based on its similarities with a half moon. This beach is not connected by road and hence only way can reach the half moon beach is by hiking or motor boats that ply from Om Beach. OM Beach Gokarna It’s not just the shape that defines OM beach, but also the peace and serenity that one feels after landing there. Smooth waves and long shoreline tend to captivate your senses. The top view of this beach distinctively shows the Letter 3, which means OM in Hindi. World’s Tallest Shiva Statue Temple at Murudeshwara Beach: At the coastal Arabian Sea, Long and Gigantic Shiva Statue is a divine sight to witness. Explore the temple, as it’s quite huge and it depicts many mythological stories. You can also stroll around the Murudeshwara Beach for Sunset view; it’s quite pristine and clean Some interesting facts about Gokarna: Gokarna is an ancient pilgrimage site and a popular beach destination. The town is known for its Shiva temple, which houses the Atmalinga, a revered lingam (an abstract representation of Lord Shiva) that is said to have been given to Ravana by Lord Shiva himself. The name "Gokarna" comes from the Sanskrit words "go" (cow) and "karna" (ear), and is said to refer to the legend of Lord Shiva appearing in the form of a cow to bless a devotee. Gokarna is located on the western coast of India, about 144 km from Goa. Some of the popular beaches in Gokarna include Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. Gokarna is a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts, with several trekking trails offering scenic views of the Western Ghats. The town has a vibrant culture, with various festivals and celebrations throughout the year. The Mahashivratri festival is particularly popular, with thousands of pilgrims visiting the Shiva temple to offer their prayers. Gokarna is also known for its delicious South Indian cuisine, with local dishes such as neer dosa, goli baje, and kotte kadubu being popular among visitors. The town has a laid-back, bohemian vibe and is a popular destination among backpackers and solo travelers. Gokarna is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, with lush forests, rolling hills, and pristine beaches that attract visitors from all over the world. Shopping to do at Gokarna: Traditional handicrafts: Gokarna is known for its traditional handicrafts, including carved wooden items, pottery, and woven fabrics. Visitors can buy these items as souvenirs or gifts for loved ones. Beachwear: With its beautiful beaches, Gokarna is a popular destination for beach lovers. Visitors can buy beachwear, such as swimsuits, shorts, and flip-flops, from the local markets. Incense and oils: Gokarna is a spiritual destination, and visitors can buy incense sticks and oils from the local markets to take back home. Jewelry: Visitors can find a variety of jewelry, including silver and gold pieces, in the local markets. Some of the jewelry is made by local artisans and features traditional designs. Spices: Karnataka is known for its spices, and visitors can find a variety of spices in the local markets in Gokarna. Some of the popular spices include cardamom, pepper, and cloves. Coconut products: Coconut is an essential ingredient in South Indian cuisine, and visitors can find a variety of coconut products in the local markets. These include coconut oil, coconut candy, and coconut-based skincare products. Books: Gokarna is a popular destination for backpackers and solo travelers, and visitors can find a variety of books in the local markets. These include travel guides, spiritual texts, and novels.

Meghalaya and Kaziranga Tour - Tour
  • Borjhar, Assam
  • 6 Nights 7 Days

Meghalaya and Kaziranga Tour

₹ 27,999

Description: If you are a travel curious soul, then you will surely connect with Meghalaya. This trip designed by Trikon is a perfect journey for those who are planning their next travel hunt. Meghalaya literally means ‘Abode of the Clouds’ and is known for its roaring high waterfalls and thick rainforest. As you reach Meghalaya you will soon realise that it is difficult to describe the overall ambiance of Meghalaya. Meghalaya, ‘Abode of the Clouds’ is a combination of both serenity and excitement.  While exploring this sublime beauty, you will realise the magical sights that Meghalaya offers is nothing but utmost charm and tranquillity. The mysterious caves and clear river water is a must visit. The sight of the high mountains of Meghalaya will give you a sense of awe. Along with the friendly locals in Meghalaya, the villages here are worth exploring. Meghalaya is a perfect gateway to the candy floss clouds and exploring this beautiful destination will make you realise its purity and its pristine beauty. The blue natural pools in Meghalaya will restore back your energy and make your trip worth it. We at Trikon assure that you will surely lose yourself into the beauty of the undulating pine covered hills & the view of the Seven Sister state of North East India. Dive into Meghalaya and float with Trikon on its breath taking views! About the Place Did you know? Meghalaya is one of the cleanest states in India. Meghalaya is a must do if you are planning a vacation as it is also a very popular tourist spot and a well-known destination in the travel magazine all over the world. Meghalaya separates the Assam Valley from the plains of Bangladesh and is a refreshing and a thick pine mountain state with utmost beauty. The timeless beauty with its awe-inspiring environs, will make Meghalaya Tour an unforgettable journey. Known to be wettest places on Earth, Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram offer some really wonderful sights to the eye. Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram witness most of the rain falls between June and September resulting in the mesmerising waterfalls at Asia’s longest caves in Meghalaya. Bestowed with natural beauty and breath taking sights Meghalaya also has a traditional and cultural touch. In Meghalaya there are few tribal groups named as Jaintia, Khasi and Garo. These tribal groups reside in the eastern, central and western parts of Meghalaya. These tribal groups dance and celebrate festivals in colourful traditional dress which is very unique and beautiful. From boating to visit in the sacred forest Trikon has all that a traveller is looking for. Trikon calls out to traveler within you to enroll into a journey that you will never forget.  Cost: Rs 27,999/- (Inclusive of GST)   Travel suggestions: Ensure that you land/arrive into Guwahati latest by 10 am as we will depart from the airport by 11 am on Day 1 Take a flight/train post 4 pm on Day 7

Gandikota & Belum Caves Tour - Tour
  • Kurla, Maharashtra
  • 3 Nights 4 Days

Gandikota & Belum Caves Tour

₹ 5,799

Gigantic Gandikota – Grand Canyon of India – 13th century formation Situated at Andhra Pradesh, Gandikota is termed as the Grand Canyon of India. It is no less breathtaking as compared to the Grand Canyon in USA, and it goes one scale up if you were to imagine the backdrop holding a sprawling lush green backdrop surrounded by huge Rocky Mountains and beneath flows the Pennar River. Sit on the rock and capture the panoramic view as it’s an epic Geographical creation that will force you to give an awestruck view. The Gandikota fort premises The fort premises look ancient and rustic, all thanks to the promising huge walls that stand as the protector. Its huge gate and immersive structure has witnessed a lot in the past. The Jama Masjid & Chaar Minar Huge held constructions and little minarets at the entrance make both Jama Masjid & Chaar Minar a perfect backdrop and a spokesperson of historical evidences. Imagine yourself surrounded by the great some great music, sprinkling the melody of love. Madhavaraya temple Dedicated to Vishnu,  Madhavaraya temple has protected some small statues and sculptures of Hindu Gods carved over the Gopuram and walls of the temple. Preserving the royal odyssey, every brick and sculptures becharms the magnitude of the old kingdom that once exists there. Ranganatha Swamy Temple The temple was very much ruined but the main sanctum stood on an elevated platform. Despite of withstanding and witnessing so much, this temple has yet not lost the shine and elegance. The Granary Once used for storing grains, the Granary has space for storing a lot of grains and many huge pillars stand erect. The Royal Water Tank It is a perennial spring irrigating some lime and plantain gardens. Just sit besides it and take a deep understanding of how useful it must be for ancient civilizations then. Village The local village is scarcely populated has a school, hospital and their own panchayats. Strolling around the village is permissible, it just adds up to the rustic charm. Remember those bullock carts and playing kids…Oh!! What a nostalgic feeling. Jail & Other Viewpoints There exists an ancient jail, a few tunnels and many viewpoints that give different perspective of the Grand Canyon. Mylavaram Dam & Pennar River View – Walk for 2 kms for strolling around the rivers and spending blissful time. Belum Caves – India’s Largest & Longest Caves - Walking through these underground caves will leave you thrilled and give you a bone chilling experience. There’s sufficient oxygen supply and orange rope lights to ensure you enjoy the caving experience. These natural caves were formed centuries ago when Chitravati River penetrated and emerged in making this Geographical mystery. Get to see pot holes and amazing formations all around the caves interiors. Along with geographical mysteries that leave you spellbound, this caves also seem to have historical importance. Many say that Jain Jains and Buddhists monks occupied these caves centuries ago for medidation. At the entrance itself, you’ll get to see a HUGE WHITE MAHAVIR STATUE. Inside the caves, Patalaganga is the key attraction and you have to go 150 ft under the ground level to see it. Cross narrow pavements and crawl around to see those amazing wonders. Mumbai to Mumbai by Sleeper Coach Non AC Train Tickets: 6799/- Mumbai to Mumbai by Sleeper Coach 3AC Train Tickets: 9799/-  Kumta to Kumta ( Train Ticket Not Included ): 5799/- Twin Sharing Accomodation will cost 2000 rs extra for each room  

Amritsar-McLeodganj-Bir Backpacking Trip - Tour
  • Ajmeri Gate, Delhi
  • 6 Nights 7 Days

Amritsar-McLeodganj-Bir Backpacking Trip

₹ 17,999

Wahey Guruji Da Khalsa Wahey Guruji Di Fateh!! Amritsar is not just a city in Punjab it’s a feeling. One of the largest cities in Punjab, Amritsar boasts a spectrum of spirituality, peace, and patriotism. Be it the local delicious food or the crowded markets, every Indian would feel proud to be in this city and experience the magical blend of culture and spirituality.  Places to Visit & Importance in AmritsarSri Harmandir Sahib, popularly known as Golden temple Known as one of the holiest Gurdwara in India, Golden temple welcomes each and all with open arms. With no caste differentiation, it stands as a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. Jallianwala Baug Massacre The bloodshed of over 1,000 peaceful protestors by the British Army in a walled public garden in Amritsar in 1919. There has built a memorial in the memory of peaceful people which has been marked as a nationally significant place. Wagah Border The border crossing draws its name from Wagah, near which the Radcliffe Line, At the time of independence in 1947, migrants from India entered Pakistan through this border crossing. The place is quite popular for the daily parade marsh and flag show, two hours before sunset. Many travelers gather at the Wagah border to witness this show, truly a patriotic feeling. Indulgence If time permits, we shall roam around the food streets and enjoy time exploring the local markets.  Places to Visit & Importance in Mcleodgang and Dharamshala In the search of ‘Nirvana’ many souls come to Dharamshala. The Dharamshala where his holiness, the Dalai Lama resides. This Little Tibet with monks and monasteries, is a real gateway to a peaceful atmosphere. You will find the Tibetan ambience in every corner of the cafes and corridors at this hill station nestled in Himachal Pradesh. Just 6.2 km ahead is Mcleodganj. Situated in the Himalayas, Dharamshala and McLeodGanj are the popular places which are always under the spotlight. These Monk towns, have really splendid views and extraordinary places to visit like the Monasteries and the unique cafes in the mountains. Why Paragliding in Bir Billing is a must? Trikon gives you a splendid experience of The Bir Billing which has a lot stored in it and which is waiting to be explored. Known as the 2nd highest paragliding spot in the world, Bir Billing is filled with adventure and Trikon is sure that you will experience something that you will always preserve for a lifetime. You must also try cycling and café hopping at Bir. Take a sip of the nature and breathe the beauty of this place with Trikon.   Travel Tips: Participants need to reach Reach Delhi before 6:00 PM. Book your outbound travel from Delhi After 2:00 PM.

Hampi Backpacking Tour - Tour
  • Fort, Maharashtra
  • 2 Nights 3 Days

Hampi Backpacking Tour

₹ 8,499

Hampi Backpacking Tour: Trikon is all set to welcome you to the land of boulders, stone architecture and ancient temples that was built way back in 1500 AD. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi was one of the richest and largest cities in the world during its prime time in the ancient days. Situated on the banks of River Tungabhadra, Hampi is a remarkable tourist destination where travelers all around the globe come to sink and absorb the laid back culture and listen to all the mysteries Katha from history. Solitude lovers and photography enthusiasts would love to stroll around more than 20 ancient heritages and hilltops where sunset never looks the same. Beautifully preserved and maintained by Archeological Excavation of India, a Tour to Hampi amidst the muddy roads and paddy rice fields will soothe your senses and take you back in time. Interesting facts about Hampi: Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th century and was one of the richest and largest cities in the world at that time. The city was founded by two brothers, Harihara and Bukka, in 1336 AD. They established the Vijayanagara Empire which ruled South India for over 200 years. Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its well-preserved ruins, temples, and monuments. The city is spread over an area of 26 square kilometers and has over 500 monuments. The most famous monument in Hampi is the Virupaksha Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is still in use today and is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in South India. Hampi was known for its trade in precious stones, spices, and textiles. The city was also famous for its skilled craftsmen who created beautiful sculptures, carvings, and jewelry. Hampi is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River and is surrounded by hills and boulder-strewn landscapes. It is a popular destination for trekking and rock climbing. The city was destroyed by the Deccan Sultanate in the 16th century and was abandoned. The ruins of Hampi were rediscovered in the 19th century by British archaeologists. Hampi is also known for the Hampi Utsav, a three-day festival held in November every year. The festival showcases the rich cultural heritage of the region and attracts visitors from all over the world. Hampi is an important site for understanding the history and culture of South India, and it continues to be a popular tourist destination. Places to visit in Hampi: Hampi is a historical city located in the southern state of Karnataka in India. It was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some of the top places to visit in Hampi: Virupaksha Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the oldest and most prominent temple in Hampi. Vittala Temple: This temple is famous for its intricate stone chariot and musical pillars that produce different sounds when tapped. Hampi Bazaar: This market was once a bustling center for trade and commerce in the Vijayanagara Empire. Matanga Hill: This hill offers a panoramic view of Hampi's landscape and is a popular spot for watching sunsets. Lotus Mahal: This palace is known for its beautiful architecture and was once used as a recreational palace by the royal family. Elephant Stables: This structure was used to house the royal elephants and is a fine example of the Vijayanagara style of architecture. Queen's Bath: This bathing complex was used by the queens of the Vijayanagara Empire and is a great example of their luxurious lifestyle. Hampi's Royal Enclosure: This area was once the seat of power for the Vijayanagara Empire and includes several structures like the Mahanavami Dibba and the Hazara Rama Temple. Sanapur Lake: This beautiful lake is located near Hampi and is a great spot for picnics and boat rides. Shopping to do from Hampi: Hampi, located in the Indian state of Karnataka, is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful landscapes. If you are wondering what to buy, here are some suggestions: Handicrafts: Hampi is known for its beautiful handicrafts made of metal, wood, and stone. You can buy intricately carved sculptures, decorative items, and jewelry. Banana Fiber Crafts: Banana fiber products like bags, mats, and baskets are popular souvenirs in Hampi. These items are eco-friendly and unique. Spices: Hampi is a great place to buy authentic Indian spices like turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper. These spices are of high quality and can be used to add flavor to your meals. Traditional Clothing: Hampi is a great place to buy traditional Indian clothing like sarees, salwar kameez, and dhotis. You can find a variety of designs and fabrics to choose from. Paintings: Hampi is a hub of art, and you can find beautiful paintings depicting the rich history and culture of the region. These paintings are available in different sizes and styles. Handmade Paper Products: You can also buy handmade paper products like notebooks, journals, and diaries. These products are made using traditional techniques and are environmentally friendly. Ayurvedic Products: Hampi is known for its Ayurvedic products like oils, herbs, and skincare products. These products are made using natural ingredients and are great for your health and skin. Musical Instruments: If you are a music lover, you can buy traditional Indian musical instruments like tabla, sitar, and harmonium in Hampi. These instruments are beautifully crafted and have a unique sound. Overall, Hampi has a lot to offer in terms of shopping. You can find a variety of unique and authentic products that are perfect souvenirs to take back home. Batch 1 : Friday Night , 20th Oct to Tuesday Morning , 24th Oct 2023  Batch 2 : Friday  Night , 23rd Nov to Tuesday Morning , 27th Oct 2023  Batch 3 : Friday Night , 22nd Dec to Tuesday Morning , 26th Dec 2023 

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