Important Disclaimers

  • No connection or affiliation with TRAVELTRIANGLE


  • IRCTC Disclaimers

  1. Train tickets are a matter of subjective calculations based on the maximum bookings anticipated and also depends on the days remaining before the departure of the event. 

  2. Please note that we do not guarantee 100% confirmation for WL / RAC tickets and the company does not have any control on the confirmation of the tickets since IRCTC is a govt body and we do not hold any control over their processes or systems.

  3. Any participant who books an event that includes train travel and registers with the package that includes the 3AC tickets booked by TTrikon, please note that in case of 3 AC tickets not being available, the tickets shall be booked in NON-AC Sleeper Class coach for the registered members by default (without taking the consent of the participant) and there shall be no refund applicable for the event in case of cancellation.

  4. In case of any natural calamity that occurs (delays/ cancellation of the relevant train schedules) and the participant cancels an event, TTrikon will be liable to refund only the part payment of the event and the cancellation policy may apply based on the nature of the situation.

  5. It is always a strong recommendation to book your trip well in advance at least 30 days prior to the event departure to avoid last minute reservation mishaps.

  6. Kindly note that our company executive may call you to share alternate options of the train schedules where the probability of the confirmed reservations is much higher. However, it may have an extra monetary impact which shall be payable by the participant upon confirmation.

  7. In case any participant decides to cancel / reschedule their train ticket reservations during the trip / while they are already on the trip, it is important to update us 36 hours prior to the departure/arrival of the event to ensure hassle-free cancellations. Please note that any cancellation charges to that effect shall be borne by the participants.

  • Trip Lead Disclaimer

  1. In the event if a trip is confirmed with less than 5 participants, the trip shall be converted into a self-help trip i.e., without any trek buddy / trip guide / tour manager to physically assist the participants at the event.

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