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Koraigad Trek - Tour
  • Dadar, Maharashtra
  • 16 Hours

Koraigad Trek

₹ 1,499

Koraigad Trek   Koraigad Trek base village: Peth Shahapur Koraigad Trek difficulty level: Easy Koraigad Trek distance: 7 kms Koraigad Trek duration: 3-4 hours Koraigad from Mumbai: 96 kms, 2-3 hours by road Koraigad from Pune: 70 kms, 2-2.5 hours by road Have you noticed a grand fort standing high upon a hill overlooking the Aamby Valley in Lonavala? That’s Koraigad and we plan to get you to the top of the fort! Koraigad is conveniently located in Lonavala, close enough to be easily accessible for one-day getaway and far enough to avoid the touristy hustle-bustle at the popular spots. The fort also houses a couple of refreshing and usually clean ponds which are a treat to the eyes with the clouds floating by during monsoons. Such a relaxing sight! Since it is a short trek, it leaves ample time for fun activities along the way. A pit-stop on the way will provide an exquisite view of the Aamby Valley and the lake. Don’t miss it! Situated about 20 kms outside Lonavala, Koraigad fort stands little over 900m above sea level. One can easily find a flight of about 500 steps laid out to reach the fort from Pethshahpur village in less than an hour. Another route from Ambavne village is more challenging during rains as it becomes slippery. The fort was named after Goddess Koraidevi. Her temple, which has recently been renovated and restored, can be visited inside the fort along with two other temples dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. Some interesting facts about Koraiad Fort: Koraigad Fort was built during the 15th century by the Bahmani Sultanate. In 1657, the fort was taken over by the Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj. The fort is situated at an altitude of 929 meters above sea level. The fort has two main entrances, the Mahadarwaja and the Ganesh Darwaja. The fort has several ruins of palaces, water tanks, and other structures. The fort also has a temple dedicated to Goddess Korai Devi, who is believed to be the protector of the fort. The fort has a unique feature known as the "Kalyan Darwaja," which is a secret underground passage leading to the outside of the fort. The fort has several trekking trails that lead to the top, making it a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts. Koraigad Fort is located about 20 km from Lonavala and can be reached by a 2-3 hour trek. The fort offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys, making it a popular spot for nature lovers and photographers.

Kalsubai Monsoon Trek from Pune - Tour
  • Wakad, Maharashtra
  • 1 Day

Kalsubai Monsoon Trek from Pune

₹ 1,299

Kalsubai Trek From Pune Grade: Medium |  Endurance: Medium  Why Kalsubai should be your next trekking destination this monsoon? Surrounded by lush green forests and fields, the trekking route towards Maharashtra’s Highest Peak i.e. Kalsubai is a surreal experience for all the nature lovers and trek enthusiasts. Challenging yet fun-filled, trek towards the highest summit will test your patience and offer an amazing panaromic view of several more mountain ranges like Alang, Madangad, Kulang, Ratangad (south west) and to the south Pabhargad, Ghanchakkar & Harishchandragad. Also, attempting to climb Kalsubai - the most wish-listed mountain in the Sahyadri offers a great sense of achievement for most of the trekking enthusiasts Story behind Kalsubai – Unveiled It is truly believed by the local villagers that a house maid residing in a nearby village had disappeared near the mountain while trying to escape her employer's harsh suffering. This gives the mountain its present name i.e. Kalsubai as well as a reason for this temple to be built in her memory. More about the climbing patches and Summit (Kalsubai Shikhar) Nestled among several slopes, Kalsubai trek is a mix of easy to ascend slopes as well as rocky patches overlooking the valley below. To reach Kalsubai peak, Govt. has built many iron ladders along the vertical hill slopes. Before the final lap, there comes a resting post where you can halt and enjoy having hot tea as well as crispy snacks. On the peak, there exists a temple devoted to Kalsubai Mata where local villagers offer prayers and perform Pujas during festivals.    

Visapur Fort Monsoon Trek From Pune - Tour
  • Agarkar Nagar, Maharashtra
  • 16 Hours

Visapur Fort Monsoon Trek From Pune

₹ 899

Visapur Fort Monsoon Trek From Pune Grade: Medium |  Endurance: Medium  This mighty Visapur fort is located just 9 km away from Malavi station. Visapur fort is larger than Lohagad which is known to be its twin fort. There are 2 routes by which you can trek towards this beautiful monument. One from Malavi station, the second route from Tar road which is a new construction from the Bhaje caves to Lohagad village base. During the monsoon at Visapur, you can witness nature’s beauty that is the waterfall! A beautiful waterfall will grab all your attention and make you forget everything. If you are a beginner or a trekker looking for an easy trek to explore, then Visapur Fort Trek is just for you! The most exciting thing you will find here at Visapur is Staircase waterfall. Yes you heard it right, staircase waterfall. You will surely remember Bhushi damn after seeing this staircase waterfall while trekking to Visapur fort.  About Visapur Fort Visapur fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaj when the Mughal could not handle it anymore and had to give up. Using higher elevation to Lohagad the British troops captured the fort by setting up cannons on Visapur fort and destroyed Lohagad. In 1818 AD, Visapur fort was captured by the British Raj. As Visapur fort had a huge significance. Its south and north gateways were blown up. Read our blog about Visapur Fort in Monson @

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