Explore the night sky with stargazing expert: Shreekumar Krishnan


Shreekumar Krishnan is an avid trekker, renowned and a versatile artist, spectacular photographer and an eminent astronomer. He has pursued a bachelor’s degree in commerce and later worked with an MNC.

Interest for selenology developed when Shreekumar Sir was in college, his curiosity and love for facts about cosmos led him to study of astronomy. He has spent numerous nights alone, observing and studying the night sky. Adept Krishnan considers this practice of diligent learning and perseverance as an advantage because it helps him to connect and explain things with science and non-science background participants. Shreekumar Sir has been conducting stargazing events since last four years and helps to educate beginners with the basics of astronomy, uses his best of knowledge and techniques so that the novice doesn’t feel daunting.

Stars, comets, moon, planets etc are the celestial bodies which are intrigue set of topics that fascinates people of every age group. One of the hobby popular among people who love to read and want to know about the heavenly bodies is stargazing. Stargazing simply means to observe the stars in the night sky. With the minimal efforts and ample amount of time, one can enjoy and have a profound experience as a stargazer.

To make your stargazing experience optimal and memorable, T Trikon is conducting a celestial event for all the lovers of the beauty: Stargazing and camping near Mumbai. An event full of ardor, interesting facts, comrades meet up, setting up and living in camp, music, food and a lot more. We will be breaking the event into three sessions to make your experience an enlightened one. 

Below is a list of things we do at our stargazing event.

  • Introduction to telescope
  • Introduction to Astronomy
  • Naked eye observation
  • Telescopic observation
  • Dawn sky observation
  • Astrophotography

Whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned practitioner, this marvel will remain etched in your mind, a memory and experience you would cherish for lifetime.

If you wish to be a part of this Stargazing event then join us. Checkout the itinerary and other details at


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