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Devkund Waterfall Trek From Mumbai and Pune - Tour
  • Andheri East, Maharashtra
  • 1 Day

Devkund Waterfall Trek From Mumbai and Pune

₹ 999

Devkund Waterfalls Trek From Mumbai and Pune   Devkund waterfall trek base village: Bhira villageDevkund waterfall Trek distance: 4.5 kilometers one way from base villageDevkund waterfall Trek duration: 2-3 hours to complete one wayDevkund waterfall trek difficulty level: Moderate Devkund waterfall trek endurance: Moderate Devkund waterfall distance from Mumbai: 120 kilometersDevkund waterfall distance from Pune: 100 kilometers   The destination next that keeps the monsoon bliss on is none other than the Devkund waterfall. Dense, beautiful, and filled with various shades of green, Devkund Waterfall is home to many unexplored species of wilderness. As you trek along the paths, you’ll get a thrilling experience of embarking on unmapped trails pushing behind all the hurdles and bushes that come your way. A sight to behold would be the moment you reach the Devkund Waterfall!!!  Relish! Jump! Splash and Play!!! The Devkund Waterfalls Trek is a popular hiking trail located in the Western Ghats of India, near the small town of Bhira in Maharashtra. The trail takes you through lush green forests, rocky terrain, and streams before reaching the magnificent Devkund Waterfalls. The trek is considered moderate in difficulty, making it an ideal option for both seasoned trekkers and beginners. The trail starts from the Bhira Dam and stretches for approximately 4 km. The path is well-marked, and you'll encounter a few steep climbs and descents along the way. The forest is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including different species of birds, butterflies, and monkeys. You'll cross streams and small waterfalls, and the sound of the gurgling water will keep you company throughout your journey. The Devkund Waterfalls is the highlight of the trek, and it's a sight to behold. The waterfall cascades from a height of around 80 feet into a pool of crystal-clear water, and the mist created by the water spray is refreshing. The pool is ideal for a dip, and you can spend some time swimming and relaxing before starting the return trek. Overall, the Devkund Waterfalls Trek is a delightful experience that offers stunning views of nature's beauty. The best time to go on the trek is during the monsoon season when the waterfall is at its full glory. However, it's essential to check weather conditions before embarking on the journey to avoid any unforeseen situations.   Some interesting facts about Devkund waterfall: Devkund waterfall is located near Bhira village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. The waterfall is formed by the confluence of three streams, and the water flows down from a height of around 80 feet. Devkund waterfall is known for its crystal-clear blue-green water, which is said to be mesmerizing and refreshing. The trek to Devkund waterfall is around 4 km long and takes around 2-3 hours to complete, and the path offers beautiful views of the Western Ghats. Devkund waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests and is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including different species of birds and butterflies. The waterfall is a popular trekking spot and attracts many trekkers, especially during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak. There are limited facilities available at Devkund waterfall, including a small snack shop and basic toilet facilities, so visitors are advised to carry their own water and snacks. Devkund waterfall is also popular among adventure enthusiasts, and visitors can indulge in activities such as camping, trekking, and river rafting in the nearby Kundalika River. The best time to visit Devkund waterfall is from June to February when the weather is pleasant and the waterfall is in full flow. Devkund waterfall is a natural wonder that offers a beautiful and serene escape from the chaos of city life, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Cost for Devkund Waterfall Trek with T Trikon Cost without transport: Rs.999/- per person Cost with transport from Pune: Rs.1499/- per person Cost with transport from Mumbai : Rs.1599/- per person

Night Trek to Andharban Forest - Tour
  • Andheri East, Maharashtra
  • 1 Day

Night Trek to Andharban Forest

₹ 1,599

Night Trek to Andharban Forest Grade: Medium | Endurance: High | Altitude: 2,100 feet Approx This weekend, lose yourself in nature by venturing into a dark, dense forest. Night trekking in a dark jungle is a thrilling experience that you’ve got to try at least once! At Andharban, you will experience the wilderness of the jungle in a way that never fails to tempt trek-lovers. Uncover the mysteries of this wonderful dark forest and allow nature to impress you, for a never before experience! Imagine yourself in the middle of a dark jungle, finding the route, towering over valleys and crossing ghats… Sounds adventurous?? Yeah!!!! You’ll be doing all this and more at Andharban – The Dark Forest Trek. This trek majorly consists of descending from the peak. It is one of the most stunning treks in the Konkan region and there are lots of things to explore. You will be walking on a ridge that gives an scintillating view of the Kundalika Valley below, the Bhira dam and the various mountain ranges of Tamhini ghat. While you’re trekking, the dense, evergreen forests will cover you with their relaxing shade almost throughout first half of the trek (6-8 kms), surprising you with waterfalls every now and then! The trail then starts to descend down a rocky patch to reach Bhira (4 kms). This valley happens to be the origin of the Kundalika river, which is famous for its white water river rafting and other adventure activities! Batch : 23rdApril-24th April,2022

Harishchandragad Fort Trek - Tour
  • Kasara Budruk, Maharashtra
  • 1 Day 17 Hours

Harishchandragad Fort Trek

₹ 1,499

Trekking & Camping to Harishchandragad Fort Grade: Moderate | Endurance: Easy Harischandragad  Trek This mighty Fort never fails to amuse wanderers with its abundance of, mythological, historical importance and most picturesque it’s mountainous ranges. Yeah Harishchandragad it is! Harishchandragad Trek : is a hill fort in the Ahmednagar District of India. Its history is linked with that of Malshej Ghat kothale village and it has played a major role in guarding and controlling the surrounding region. The fort is quite ancient. Remnants of Microlithic man have been discovered here. The various Puranas (ancient scriptures) like Matsyapurana, Agnipurana and Skandapurana include many references about Harishchandragad. Its origin is said to have been in the 6th century, during the rule of Kalachuri dynasty. This cliff faces west and looks down upon the Konkan. It provides a scenic view of the surrounding region and the setting sun. The cliff has an overhang, but has been climbed many times. Sometimes a circular rainbow (Brocken Spectre phenomenon) can be seen from this point. It can be seen only when there is a bit of mist in the valley, and the sun is right behind the person facing the valley. Trekking till Harischandragad and camping at this historical location is indeed an experience worth remembering. Please Note: Washroom Facilities is not available during the Trek & Camping Date : 4th April - 05th May 2019

Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek - Tour
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 3 Days

Kumta Gokarna Beach Trek

₹ 3,499

Grade: Medium  If you want to do something different this time when you set out to enjoy nature, this beach trek is for you! With every step you take, there will be sound of waves crashing onto colorful rocks, golden sand and breathtaking views with every little hill you climb. Also, did we mention there’s a ferry ride, camping on a beach and sleeping under the stars? Yeah, it’s magical. You might even spot dolphins if you’re lucky! Need we say more? About Kumta-Gokarna Situated by the Konkan Railway route, the trail between Kumta and Gokarna connects more than 10 clean and beautiful beaches on the northern tip of Karnataka. Most are untouched by regular tourists and only shelter few shacks for beach lovers. Start the trail at Kumta, walk through Vannali Beach, Kadle Beach, Nirvana Beach, Paradise Beach, Half-Moon Beach and Om Beach to name a few. End the trek at Gokarna, which is home to a famous Shiva Temple. Please Note: This is a two-day trek covering approximately 15 kms in all. Every participant must carry 2 full bottles of water since there may not be shops or water outlets in between stops. There will be a vehicle to carry luggage like sleeping bags, tents, camping equipment etc. So you need to carry only a day pack for water, food, cap etc. Please divide your luggage in 2 bags accordingly. The bag that is to be left in the vehicle should be locked.   Mumbai to Mumbai Cost: 4499/- per person ( Sleeper Coach Train Tickets ) Mumbai to Mumbai Cost: 6999/- per person ( AC Train Tickets ) Kumta to Gokarna Cost: 3499/- per person  ( Train Ticket Cost Not Included ). Please Note : AC Tickets is depend on the availability , Incase for any reason we are not able to provide AC tickets , then we will provide you confirmed sleeper coach train tickets and difference in fare will be refunded back to your account in 3-5 working days.

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